Augmented reality can be termed as a technology that substitutes computer-generated visual for a viewer's sight of the real world offering a combined view. Though services provided by augmented reality companies are being used for a couple of years; it's boosted with the emergence of Android and iOS smartphones. With the technological empowerment; it has become a part of our routine life. People use headsets or specially made equipment and watch it on display like mobile. Lots of corporate companies are now investing in augmented reality applications to use them for marketing purposes. The real strength of AR lies in its ability to communicate with the real world which makes it a useful tool for multiple domains. Given below are few sectors where augmented reality solution providers play a crucial role: 

> Medical - Augmented reality and hi-tech healthcare services go hand in hand these days. Critical surgeries, complicated medical treatments are conducted through augmented reality platform. These procedures are often risky and confused when a surgeon does it manually; however, AR has eased them with utmost precision. MRI, CT-Scan is commonly done to locate the dysfunctions in the human body. With the help of AR headsets, a surgeon can have the built 3D image of the human body on a display while doing surgery. Complex procedures or steps in operation have been made simpler with the help of this technology which is reliable. In future, this technology could be developed even better to alert surgeons if any procedure is going to affect the patient. 

> Construction & engineering- Production and manufacturing industry is also leveraging the benefits of the AR technology. The production and maintenance of expensive machines can take place by using this technology which would save time. Blueprints of towers or complexes can be created with AR consisting minute details. So, you can easily spot the challenges with error-free techniques even before you start with the foundation of the construction. Excavation is carried out by researchers very often which is feasible using this tool. If a person wants to see a property which he would be planning to buy; AR can be used to observe the sight and residential plan by using the headset. Automobile, real estate industries could be seen using this technique quite often. 

> Armed forces- Augmented reality service providers have been offering these solutions to the defense forces since past few years, and they have developed up to a great extent by now. For security and protection of the areas, AR technology plays a vital role in surveillance. Heads-Up Display (HUD) is a typical example representing an augmented reality which military often uses. Ground troops or soldiers make use of Head Mounted Displays (HMD) to locate significant details like location of the enemy, their ammunition strength, etc. Pilots in the air-force also make use of this technology during critical operations. 

> Sports- With the emergence of AR services, sports have been changed a lot in context to viewership. Watching experience of the viewers is enhanced a lot with this relatively new technology. For instance, in a cricket match augmented reality is used to track a ball thrown by the fielder or bowler in a particular direction. It can also be used in sports coaching purposes of training the players in a more efficient way taking into account possible scenarios in a game. AR has dramatically transformed the way how the audience engages and stay tuned with the live sports. 

> Tourism- Sightseeing and tourism industries, augmented reality solutions are mainly applicable for many purposes. Live views of the destinations or architectural places like museums, monuments can be seen through AR headsets. With the help of a smartphone equipped with AR headset, tourists can stroll around historic sites and watch facts and figures displayed on the overlay of their screen. The viewing experience of the tourists, therefore, is changed with this technology. It's like enjoying 'infotainment' (i.e., information and entertainment) through tourism with the help of AR. 

Overall, AR technologies can be seen to compliment us in a variety of ways. Different professionals are enjoying the outstanding benefits of this technology to boost their businesses. It's like blending the physical world with the virtual reality applications to experience something unique. With superior abilities of this technology, we can indeed use it to sharpen our skills in different sectors. Excellent precision and advanced operational techniques are the key benefits of AR services to trust them.

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Augmented Reality & its Applications

Augmented reality can be termed as a technology that substitutes computer-generated visual for a viewer's sight of the real world offering a combined view.

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