What makes Instagram so crucial for any ventures? 

Currently, Instagram has the most engagement amongst all the social media platform. Since its inception, it has been the highest recommended platform for new ventures to try their luck. It is a great way to get started for budding businesses as with Instagram; any young co-op can acquire both customers and get exposure to potential customers. For such companies, Instagram provides excellent resources for new businesses getting on their feet. 
However, stepping into this saturated world is more accessible, but survival is not everyone's cup of tea. It takes a lot of effort to stay competitive. Be it a personal feed handle or business page; you need to step up your game for post reach. This means that if you’re using Instagram for your social strategy and want to be successful with it, you need to stay competitive on the platform. How do you stay competitive you may ask? Simple! By staying up to date with its features.
Since Instagram introduced its 60 seconds stories features back in 2016, 400 million daily users have adopted the feature. Instagram Live is an essential element of the function that has some definite benefits. Interestingly enough, it’s still a feature that isn’t getting much use. Are you one of those shortsighted ones who are ignoring millions of potential customers by not joining this powerful social media platform. Below, we dive into the top reasons to stream your visual content on Instagram Live.

1. Sharing is made easy:
Sharing visual content is the best way to let your viewers know what you’re about and build a relationship with potential future customers and diplomats. Every day you’ll find 250 million accounts using Instagram stories to share the content. It is just like Snapchat but easier to advertise with, and now Instagram stories are a powerful tool for business. These posts disappear after 24 hours, but Instagram helps you in saving them as highlights. 
So you can take creative liberty and share behind the scenes info and exclusive content quickly and easily. Correct use of this feature can help you in attracting promising customers. 

2. Drive your focus toward customer emotions:
A customer rather than a product-centric approach has long been the standard plan of action in marketing. However, this game as somewhat changed as Instagram stepped into the buzz world. With this in mind, it’s essential for newcomers to avoid an Instagram feed that pushes products. Instead, we recommend you to focus on feelings!
3. Maintaining the urgency:
In today's world, nothing interesting can stay private. We are living in an age where no one knows what will happen next, which creates a sense of heightened curiosity, almost like suspense. It's evident that people can now not only enjoy live content; they have trouble turning away. Viewers will end up watching such live content for a longer time. There is a simple fact behind it - if they turn away, they might miss out on something important.
The reason behind this scenario is that such live content creates a sense of urgency. Tools like Instagram gives everyone a chance to collectively experience live events, which draws us into the action. This real-time, collective experience also makes live events more caught up than average content. Instagram Live stories work in the same manner as the followers can connect to these feeds for the given 24 hours of stream, but after that, it will be gone forever. This pumps curiosity of the followers and inculcates a fear missing out on something exclusive.

4. Keeping it authentic:
Authenticity is paramount since there’s evidence that it directly affects revenue. It also one of the reasons why people are so into live content. No one knows what will happen next and so while live streaming anything can change within a fraction of seconds. The latency levels in live streaming make it difficult for creators to fake things like product quality, brand personage, and a handful of other things that Gen Z-ers tend to value. Instagram Live breaks down the barriers between the hosts and their audience. It allows you to have a real-time interaction which seems like a face-to-face experience. Such conversation gives a personal and trustworthy feel that is more genuine. 

5. Reach leads to engagement: 
You’ll be amazed by the sheer volume of accounts that you will find on Instagram. Statistics state that there are over 800 million active accounts on Instagram on a monthly basis, whereas 500 million of those are active every single day. This means that when it comes to content, you’ve got millions of potential audiences ready to enjoy your content. It is somewhat like a community that keeps on growing while adding more and more people to the platform each day. And the best way to stimulate your reach is by posting your content with relevant hashtags. This will help you in getting your content out there and in front of the right set of people. This strategy build-up will, in turn, accelerate the engagement on your handle. 

In short, businesses looking for changes of hype should take advantage of Instagram’s Live features to get a new kick start and develop the correct social media marketing strategy. The only thing that binds these reasons together is that more people are paying attention to Instagram than ever. So best for you to take the tips that you've learned here and use them to build up your Instagram presence. Trust us; you'll be glad that you did.

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Instagram - An Essential Tool for Live Streaming

What makes Instagram so crucial for any ventures? Currently, Instagram has the most engagement amongst all the social media platform. Since its inception, it has been the highest recommended platform

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