Facebook event is one of the best ways to spread a word about your virtual or in-person events. For businesses operating via Facebook, sometimes doing an event is the most effective marketing strategy. Introducing new service or product live through a Facebook event creates the perfect amount of buzz around it. It gives you a chance to reach an all-new segment of the target audience that you never had before. But like any other event, there are some etiquette's for Facebook Events that everyone should follow. Just a few guidelines that will make your event look more professional and help you reach the right target audience. 

Create a Facebook Event Page

Is this your personal event or it is a professional one? Accordingly, you need to set up an event page from your personal or professional profile. All the business profiles can set up an event page. If you don’t see it on your status update window, merely enable it via page settings. If you are going to host events regularly, your fans can subscribe to this page and keep themselves updated about all your upcoming activities. This way, it becomes easier for you to reach the perfect target audience. 

Don’t Invite Everyone

While spreading a word about your event, you get to invite people so they can decide if they want to attend it or not. This is like an RSVP. It gives you an idea about how many people will be watching your online live event. One thing to keep in mind though is to invite people that you think will be able to attend the event. It won’t make any sense to invite people staying in a different time zone if they won’t be able to watch the event. If you are a business profile, don’t invite celebrities via Facebook invitation. Just because you can invite 2000 Facebook friends for the event doesn’t mean you should.  

Use Proper Platforms

Promoting your event on the other platforms apart from Facebook can increase your reach. You can link your social media accounts, and every detail that you choose to share will be shared on these platforms without any additional efforts. Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp are some of the best and easily accessible social media platforms. It is also a good idea to share the link to your Facebook event page via email to the people that are not active on social media platforms and yet would like to attend your event.

Visible Ticketing Information

Just in case, if you are charging for this event, make sure you have mentioned all the information about the tickets or entry fee. Often, events that are advertised on Facebook are free. Live events are always free. But, if your event is a paid one, it is best to disclose all the information regarding payments on your event page. That way, when people are going coming for the event, they will come prepared. 

Reply to the Comments

A lot of times, people keep the commenting option off for their Facebook posts. But doing so for an event post will only limit your communication with the target audience. Asking people to comment on your post will not only help to spread a word but will also give you live feedback about the event. From the comments, you get to know what people are thinking, what are their expectations from the event and suggestions based on the last event that will help you manage this one better. Replying to people’s comments is one of the best ways to communicate with them and give your event a personal touch. 

Don’t Give it All Away

Plenty of times, while creating a buzz around the event, people give up all the information about the event. If you want to attract more people to the event, it is always better to create a buzz around a surprise factor. It may be a new surprise feature of your gadget, a new service or a celebrity appearance. If your event is about a product or service launch, you are looking at this event as an opportunity to market the product or the service. But posting multiple updates about the offers can sound ‘salesy’ and turn off people who are your potential customers. You want to make sure that you are giving your fans a reason to buy your service or product and are not just constantly promoting it.

No Likes for Likes

Asking your fans for a like and offering one in return is one of the worst things you can do on your Facebook event page. It not only makes your business look needy but it also shows others that you don’t value your fans – that’s your target audience. It sends out a message that you are just trying to increase your fan base or followers. It is okay to use such tactics if you are doing a giveaway on Instagram and your sole target is to earn more followers, but it looks unprofessional on a Facebook event page. All you need to do is post quality content and ask people for inputs, comments and suggestions. Let your visitors decide if they want to like your page and posts or not. 

Using Every Trend for Promotion

Facebook gives more priority to the trending content, so it is perfectly understandable if you want to use it to grab attention to your event. But not every event or content is related to your event. Sharing off-topic content shows that you have no interest in the trending topic and are only interested in the traffic. This doesn’t look good on the Facebook Events page.

These are just some tips that will help you in avoiding mistakes and make your event look more professional.

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Top Facebook Event Etiquettes You Should Know

Facebook event is one of the best ways to spread a word about your virtual or in-person events. For businesses operating via Facebook, sometimes doing an event is the most effective marketing strategy

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