A webinar is a buzz word of today’s world. A webinar is an excellent business development strategy. It is the fastest way to establish a trust factor with your prospects. With a webinar, you get to address a large mob at the same time. And most importantly, they help you in quickly positioning yourself as an expert in your field when you share content that was useful for your attendants. 
Often it happens that when you post about the webinar on your social media profiles, the number of people interested and the number of people that actually attend the event has a huge gap. So, here are some tips that will help you convert the number of ‘interested’ to ‘attending’.

1. A Different Topic

Even if you promote your webinar at every social media platform and follow any strategy to attract people, it won’t be useful if your topic is not unusual or useful. The best way to come up with suitable topics is to ask the people to vote for one or to consult with a professional content strategist that will suggest you a few. The best webinars provide actionable tips and unique solutions to the problem they are answering. Another way to stand out is to researching other webinars with similar topics. You can get to know more about them and stand a chance to stand out. 

2. Web Registration

If you want more people to turn up at your webinar, make registration mandatory. This way, you will be able to collect email addresses of the attendees which will give you a mailing list for your upcoming events. A seamless web registration page is essential to gather this data. This will also give you an idea about the number of people who are actually going to attend the event.

You can also ask people to register for the event through Facebook Messenger. It offers a sky-high engagement, and it will be easier for you to keep in touch with the attendees with the help of chat-bots.  Add a visible shareable registration button to all your social media platforms and ask the people who register to spread a word about the event.

3. Best Time for Webinar

If your attendees are across time zones, make sure you are going live at the time when most of the attendees will be able to watch the webinar. It is also a good idea to anticipate the location of your attendees based on the registrations you have received. Once you identify the primary time zone, it won’t be hard to determine the time. 


No one has ever said, “I don’t want it free.” People love freebies. Based on this, you can gift something to the attendees. Or the lucky attendees. The thing or offer that you will be offering should be related to the topic of your webinar. For example, if the webinar is about a mobile launch, giving books won’t be helpful. Instead, you can invest in brand merchandise and cash vouchers to buy that product. Also, it won’t look good if you are giving away gift vouchers from another e-commerce website.

5. Talk About the Product

While your webinar is going to be about the new product or service you are offering, talking about the features of your product in every social media post will only give away all the information about the product defeating the motive of launch. Just like a movie, you can show a trailer or a teaser of features you are going to offer and keep the rest of the features secret to keep the enthusiasm alive.

A lot of times, people announce about their upcoming webinar in the current one and also offer discounts for registration on the spot. This works really well if your upcoming webinar is about a product launch. 

6. Don’t Record

That’s a bold step. Especially when you are going to launch a product or something. Offering a recording of the webinar for those who missed it will only decrease the number of registrations and attendees. However, it depends upon your goal. If your goal is to increase engagement, you may want to offer a recording. But by not providing a recording, you are building a web of curiousness around the event, making people think ‘What is so special about this event that they are not offering a recording?’ We will agree that this step is optional and is not for a faint hearted. 

7. Scarcity

It is simple human psychology to get attracted to the words ‘only so-and-so-many people will get this.’ By limiting the number of attendees, you increase the scope at getting more registrations. A lot of professional webinar solutions providers offer limited period offers over the registrations like discounts on the amount of registration, or a chance to win merchandise, gift coupons etc. Sometimes people also create a ‘limited room’. This is to ask people to register earlier than everyone so they can get their hands on the ‘exclusive’ content you are going to offer earlier than everyone else. If your event is essential for people, they will jump on this opportunity and register sooner. 

That’s it. Those are our seven ideas which can improve your webinar registrations and the number of attendees. To know more about webinars, live streaming and webcasting, keep reading this space.

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7 Ways to Increase Webinar Registration and Attendance

A webinar is a buzz word of today’s world. A webinar is an excellent business development strategy. It is the fastest way to establish a trust factor with your prospects.

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