Live Internet Webcast

We are an organization engaged in a distribution of media files over the internet using advanced technology. Our webcast offerings are live streaming as well as on-demand. Live Audio / visual programming helps our clients hit the target audience like internal employees and potential customers.

- Massive experience of coverage and streaming of live events
- End to end, comprehensive webcast solutions
- Coverage of AGMs, seminars, brands/product launches, promotions, multilocational CMEs conventions
- Productive and enhanced corporate communication
- Massive exposure through major social networking platforms
Social Webcast Platforms

No other medium is as effective as social media to widespread your webcast. We understand your passion to promote your webcast and hence offer
- Social media linking to your webcasts live as well as on-demand
- Omnipresent impression on social media platforms- Facebook Live, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Skype and Periscope
- Webcast goes viral instantly with increased viewership
Customized Webcast Platforms
Company Website -
You get a golden opportunity to webcast your events on your website.
- Complete control over the webcast scheduling with extensive device compatibilities
- Enhance credibility of your services through boosting brand value
- Let your customers enjoy smooth and better streaming of live events
- Customized features including branding platforms, security, chat provisions, online polling
3rd Party Website -
You can also choose vendor of your choice to make your webcast viral across the globe
- Enhanced and wide-ranging reach of your promotional activities
Video on Go

We offer live webcast by transmitting data through moving locations.
- No need to worry about territorial limitations anymore
- Compact setup with easy access
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Coming soon...

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