Live Internet Webcast

We are an organization engaged in a distribution of media files over the internet using advanced technology. Our webcast hosting services are live streaming as well as on-demand. Live Audio / visual programming helps our clients hit the target audience like internal employees and potential customers.

- End to end, comprehensive webcast solutions
- Coverage of AGMs, seminars, brands/product launches, promotions, multilocational CMEs conventions
- Productive and enhanced corporate communication
Customized Webcast Platforms

Company Website
- Let your customers enjoy smooth and better streaming of live events

- Customized features including branding platforms, security, chat provisions, online polling

3rd Party Website
Choose vendor of your choice to make your webcast viral across the globe
- Enhanced and wide-ranging reach of your promotional activities
Social Webcast Platforms
- Social media linking to your webcasts live as well as on-demand
- Omnipresent impression on social media platforms- Facebook Live, YouTube, Google Hangouts, Skype and Periscope
- Webcast goes viral instantly with increased viewership
Video on Go
- No need to worry about territorial limitations anymore
- Compact setup with easy access
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