Live Intranet Webcast

Modern organizations prefer to streamline their operations and enhance communication and intranet is the best tool to serve the purpose. Being webinar service providers in India, you can engage workforce through live webinar to perform tasks from remote locations. You can securely develop internal communication in the organization without incurring extra expenses.

- Large Scale webcasts with extensive networks such as LAN, WAN, and VPN
- Coverage of CEO-employee communications, employee appreciation programs, annual events and town-hall meetings and so on
- Top to bottom communication within organization for streamlining the workforce
- Customized and precise webcast solutions for intranet to match your network specifications
- Additional services such displaying of PPTs, AVS, review videos to employees for internal communication
- Zero or minor upgrade in your existing network systems to host intranet webcast without interrupting regular bandwidth
- Provision of efficient 2-way communication between multiple remote locations of your company
- Such as discussion sessions with IT Team for perfect execution of webcast solutions
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