Webcast FAQs
Webcast viewing requirements

1) What are the basic requirements needed to be able to view the webcast?

To be able to view the webcast on any type of personal computer, you need an installed sound card and speakers or headphones.

2) What are the optimal technical requirements needed to view to the webcast?
For PC users, a Pentium processor is preferred. In addition, you need a Broadband Internet connection.

3) Can I view the webcast through my office firewall?
Yes, the Windows Media Player delivers audio - video over HTTP port 80 or 8080. Do contact your system admin to enable the port to access the webcast.

4) The audio-video stopped?
Try and refresh the page from where you are viewing the webcast. You can press F5 on your keyboard.

5) The player started buffering?
You might be experiencing low bandwidth/connectivity at you end. The streams will automatically start as soon as you reach the required level of connectivity.

6) The Player asks for upgradation?
Click on the link below and download and install the application.

7) Which Version of Windows Media Player required to view Webcast?
You required Windows Media Player 9 or above.

Best experienced in 1024x768 resolution with Microsoft Internet Explorer.