4 Tips to Hosting a Successful Virtual Award Function

Published On : 17 June 2021

In 2021, we all were expecting a less damaging year and more happening than the previous one. However, now that the six months of 2021 are almost over and the condition is still improving, the only thing we can do in these testing times is to keep up with regular life by hosting a virtual award function.

With everyone working remotely and there is little to no travelling, the doubts about organising award shows get more complex. To top it all up, there are restrictions and new norms that make communication more complicated. We are well aware of these limitations and have got you covered. Read ahead for a detailed guide on how to host a successful and robust virtual award show;

Setting-up Event & Choosing The Right Tools Of Virtual Trade

Understanding how to convert your awards gala to a virtual production can be tricky. So it is best to do your homework beforehand as there are many effective and verified technologies available to help you achieve.
Compared to the physical setup, virtual events have fewer gadgets and gizmos involved. Since it is entirely presented online, many online tools like Green Screen and video editing assistance can make your event more appealing. For example: By using these tools, you can:

  • Show the hosts presenting on a stage
  • Include winner announcements
  • Add photographs and snapshots from the awards ceremony.

Sending Online Invitations To Promote Your Event:

All your efforts will go in vain if there are no attendees at your virtual awards ceremony. Therefore, it is essential to send out your invites to all the potential viewers and organisations well before the ceremony. It doesn't matter if you send invitations through email, group texts, social media posts or phone calls; the focus should be on spreading the word and having as many people as possible on board. Set the date and time convenient to most of your employees and ask for the R.S.V.Ps, so that you have a clear idea of who is available.

Shortlisting Virtual Conferencing & Streaming Platforms:

There are a plethora of virtual event platforms present in the market for different budget plans and requirements. If you don't have a huge budget, you can go for an affordable option, where you can invite all the participants and select the tools/ activities you wish to showcase in your event. Alternatively, if you have the necessary funds, you can always hire a virtual events company that will look after your concerns and offer you best-in-class features.

Live Streaming & Promoting Your Award Ceremony Online:

Be it a corporate or entertainment world; recognition is what takes society forward, even when it appears to be at a halt. However, even during this standstill period, you can only have a specific amount of engagement in a live event. The excellent solution to this drawback is streaming it online and publishing it to get higher engagement. It is also an added advantage to reach the people who could not attend the live event. Simultaneously, those who have participated in the event can share it with their peers. Also, important moments that are captured during live streams can be edited into short snippets and shared across social media for more engagement and revenue generation.


Celebrating the achievements of the talented and hardworking people around you through these ceremonies may help in uplifting their mood. But along with that, getting the audience's engagement, selecting the right virtual streaming platform and tools for recognising the brand, and the smooth running of the award ceremony is icing on the cake.



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