6 Traits to have a Highly Successful Web Conference

Published On : 06 January 2020

Although they are considered a bit more challenging than face-to-face conferences, web conferences are ideal for many businesses and entities to collect insights. They overcome the borders and helps the users in giving a presentation from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. It gives them a platform where you can present your ideas directly to the potentials without having to wait to accumulate the feedback in the office.

But preparing for a web conference may seem overwhelming at once. The long list of factors that you need to have in your kit for a web conference or web meeting is undoubtedly beyond the tolerance level of any exec. There’s no reason to fret. In this blog, we have penned down six distinct steps for conducting a successful web conference.

1. Ease it up

Starting with the simplest one — Keep it easy and concise. In simpler terms, make your presentations short and sweet.

Your web conference will be more productive if you keep the size small and more intimate. Let’s face the fact, everyone has schedules that are jam-packed these days, and they have time on their hands for some long frivolous conversation that is not just time-consuming but can also be extremely frustrating.

2. Availability is the key to system readiness

Make sure you choose a solution that will integrate with your corporate directory for an easy way to connect with colleagues, customers and partners outside of your organisation. The ability to communicate with others lies under the ease of use element – people will simply not check your presentations if it connecting is too complicated for them.

3. Practising can make your performance easier

Every time you have an idea for your submission, you practice the presentation before the big day. So why can’t you do it with the web conferences? The rehearsal of your presentation will not only help you in revising your content by also helps in ensuring whether your core idea is well enough to be followed and all your equipment will function as per your wish. If you want, you can include a quick outline of all your presentation and flow to give the members a clear picture of what you have in mind.

4. Recce makes the proposals perfect

Though practising your presentation is a part of your web conference training, there are a few other things you should add in your prep-list. You should get your hands over the system/ software you intend to use for the web conference. Taking some time out to get trained on the software and devices that you will use will help you in memorising the process and the technology before the big day gets arrives. A quick recce of your presentation can help you in familiarising with the device functionality. This will also help you in recollecting the methods if you get stuck somewhere in the process and might even give you a lacklustre web call.

5. Data collaboration v/s Engaging with audiences

For many practitioners, the ability to collaborate on data and transferring the content in real-time is more important than the video quality. Rather than worrying about the data aspect, the genuine connection with the members is what matters the most. Making your web conferences engaging is probably the most significant element to make your proposals successful. You should concentrate on stimulating the interest level, driving participation and having impactful content quality. All these elements will sure-shot double or even triple the effectiveness of your web call. To increase your client’s involvement, ask them questions and encourage participation for an interactive web conferencing session.

6. Be prepared for questions

Those listening are bound to have some or the other questions about the discussions. Since they can’t approach you after you’re done with the presentation, you should open it up for questions. Most of the execs tend to wait for the questions at the end of their session. However, if you keep your conversation open for questions all along, the audience can help you in enhancing your flow. The interaction will help you in understanding what the viewers are thinking.

If you feel as though you have been doing too much talking, and there are no responses, you can probe your users by asking for their insight or feedback. Which, in turn, gives you a chance to understand their thoughts and plans better as well what they feel about your ideas.



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