All You Need To Know About Webcasting & More

Published On : 22 February 2021

We hope you enjoyed this quick read. Think of it as a small guide that provides essential notes on all you need to know about Webcasting.

What is Webcasting & More On Its Origin?

In general, Webcasting is a specific type of internet-based media presentation that aims to reach many viewers or listeners through a single content source, or video clip. Also referred to as net casting & data broadcasting, many companies and educational institutions use it to depict the resources worldwide. If tackled wisely, it raises possibilities of earning a wonderful experience and real-time money through Webcasting.
First of all, let's understand what Webcasting is and where it comes from. Although the concept of Webcasting was unveiled in 1989, the first webcast was not made until October 1995 when the first streaming media prototype was displayed at the VoiceMail Association meeting in Switzerland. On top of all, the actual title - 'Webcasting' didn't exist until the mid-90s when a group of streaming pioneers termed the word that best described this type of streaming media.

What are the Types of Webcasting?

Not many people know that there is actually a bundle of types in the field based on their purpose and mode.

  • Live Webcasting,
  • On-demand Webcasting and
  • Push technology.

Why should everyone use Webcasting?

It serves as one of the fastest-growing ways for companies to get out a specific message. Webcasting gives companies the liberty to share information with multiple people throughout the country (and internationally), without travelling to its headquarters. Interacting with a broader audience and listening and responding to them in real-time. Audiences have to simply log onto their computer at the convenience of their homes and watch the provided webcast.
In the current scenario, almost anyone with an internet connection and webcam can do live Webcasting. The low cost of streaming media has taken the Internet and content sharing to anyone who owns the required, affordable devices. Also, the popularity of social networking platforms has contributed to the further growth of independent media distribution.

Application of Webcasting:

From Annual General Meetings to Virtual Town Halls, there are various webcasting applications for maintaining constant communication with customers and investors. Although enthusiasts continuously develop new and unique applications, webcasts are typically used within the commercial sector to provide investor information. Many businesses use Webcasting for internal affairs, connect with out-of-state employees, host training sessions, and even product launches.

Here's how the internal communications applications via Webcasting works:

  • Training:
    Webcasts enable the trainer to transmit a training video to a broad and dispersed audience while maintaining continuity.
  • Corporate Communications:
    To continue with the daily meetings and conferences while sharing visual content demands a robust service like Webcasting. Companies with a nationwide presence can now connect with their corporate offices without having to travel for the in-person meet.
  • Product Briefing or Launches:
    Companies can demonstrate new goods and services to both internal and external audiences. It helps them share product info with their market prospects and send out company-wide product updates in one go.

Some of the most common applications for external relationships via Webcasting include:

  • Marketing:
    Webcasts can be particularly used to market new goods and update orders.
  • Touch Base with Clients:
    It is vital to maintaining goodwill through periodic review.
  • Educational:
    As mentioned earlier in product briefings, it can be used to educate customers and clients about goods or services and encourage them to consider the host as a subject matter expert.
  • Q&A Sessions:
    The most webcast chat features enable businesses to connect with their customers and answer their questions.
  • Special Events:
    Any special occasions or conventions that should not be attended by anyone residing out-of-state may be broadcast quickly.
  • Customer Service and Support:
    Perfect for customer service that needs long-distance contact and visual content.
  • Press Conferences:
    Webcasts are suitable for immersive and far-reaching press conferences.

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