The concept of marketing, advertising, and overall branding are changing rapidly since a couple of years.The tools and techniques used for these purposes are considered to be the best to sustain in the global competitive markets. 360-degree videos perhaps are one of the most advanced tools among available options. 360-degree videos are known as immersive or spherical videos in which a picture is shot in all directions from upside down covering 360-degree angle using specially equipped cameras.

While manufacturers are exploring for multiple techniques to promote their products and services; no surprise that 360-degree videos have attained most significance among social media marketers who play a vital role in making the masses aware of such updates. It has been evident that brands across several domains have attained tremendous success through  360-degree videos and virtual reality. Social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Google Plus have established their monopoly on the digital space as the providers of 360-degree videos and VR across multiple industries. A popularity of 360-degree videos is increasing rapidly every day as most of the marketers are seeking for presenting their content to them. The participation of smartphone devices into 360-degree videos has revolutionized the user experience of the viewers. They can now see the event on the screen through touch and vibration virtual experience. For these types of videos, the markets across the world are growing at a tremendous speed enhancing the essence of social media marketing.

Specific business sectors such as hospitality, real estate, event management, tourism, etc. have obvious uses of 360-degree videos in their marketing. Most of the social media marketers are nowadays incorporating them as a major part of their content strategy. It's a great way to engage the maximum number of users through showcasing the complete overview of the product or services. Offering the viewers, i.e. the potential customers with a virtual tour, demonstrations, and reviews through these videos help the brand to build credibility and market recognition. Since people are more active on social networking nowadays, the reach of these videos is just unparalleled. Millions of users can instantly interact with these videos through likes, shares or comments which keep your brand alive across the world.

These videos have a limitless compatibility across multiple devices, and therefore the scope for targeting the audience is way wider than we imagine. Through these videos, marketers get a great opportunity to get higher click-through rates with increased shares, subscribers, and views. People watching 360-degree videos can instantly copy paste URL through various messaging apps making it more viral. Call To Action (CTA), engagement with the brand, sharing with others are few add-on benefits of using 360-degree videos. Social media marketers can use this powerful tool to combine two significant ways of connecting users. They are immersion and participation. 360-degree videos are extremely efficient from the emotional point of view because the viewer gets influenced by what he sees or takes a direct control of the narrative. 
The potential of 360 degree lies in its high strength to portray the content in the most entertaining and detailed manner. Social media marketers thus begin with the best practices of video marketing concentrating on their relevant core message to deliver it to the target audience. 360 degree videos have a capacity to tell the stories in a unique way. With the interactive content, passive viewers can turn into active viewers. Being a fresh concept in the marketing practices, marketers can always attract the viewers implementing new strategies. Near virtual reality experience is something that always catches attention of the audiences.

From the economic or statistical perspective, these videos provide high marketing Return on Investment (ROI). The conversion rate is even greater with the increased expectations of the viewers in context to online streaming. Higher conversion rate eventually boosts the sales. Social media marketers use certain ways to leverage 360-degree videos. They perform audience segmentation and re-marketing to align the sales. Broadcasting live videos and crowd-sourcing the content is next steps through which a systematic approach is followed to market the products.

360-degree videos is certainly a growing trend and majority of social media marketers today are using them to optimize each of these platforms to get a focused audience. With incredible viewing experience and immersive point of view, customers are looking forward to the interactive content through these videos. Hence, it's up to the brands and their strategists to execute these videos wisely.

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360 Degree Video - Handy Tool for Social Media Marketers

The concept of marketing, advertising, and overall branding are changing rapidly since a couple of years.

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