Till date, audiovisual mediums of communication have been recognized as the most dynamic and responsive tools for interaction. However, the concept of 360-degree videos has transformed the whole gimmick of visual presentation. Literary, 360-degree videos mean spherical videos covering 360-degree angle in the surrounding. The specialty of these videos lies in the coverage of all the angles either using a single set up or multiple cameras. Once the video is captured with the specially equipped cameras enabling 360-degree coverage, the user on his device can drag his fingers on the screen to view it in the angles he wants. 

360-degree videos are a relatively new technique in the global digital markets. There are different upgraded devices available to shoot such types of videos manufactured by many reputed brands. Though lots of commercial sectors use 360-degree videos for various purposes, I'm going to focus on the usage of this technology in corporate e-learning. There are different scenarios where these videos can be implemented in case studies, product information training, virtual walkthroughs and much more. Production of 360-degree videos is quite easy when it comes to shooting corporate e-learning wherein a particular camera system and software is required. When you shoot a raw footage, it is then transformed into an exclusive 360-degree video. It's good news that this ability to change the perspective of your videos create a memorable learning experience for the candidates. 

While creating case studies which is a part of corporate e-learning activities, you can present the facts in an engaging manner to give the real experience to the candidates. The ambiance of the field, the infrastructure and conditions are extremely vital wherein your candidates can step in through 360-degree videos to get a firsthand feel. The knowledge, information mingled with the pure experience would certainly help them to enhance their professional skills. 
When you have to deal with a product entity, 360-degree videos is nothing less than a boon! It's because you can look and examine a particular product with all possible angles to get complete information about it. It gives you enough scope to check the functionality and characteristics of the product to see if it meets desired requirements. You can then create a review report based on the analysis which readers can refer to it before buying a product. 

Virtual walk-through too is an excellent way of presenting 360-degree videos. For instance, if you want to introduce a new on-boarding employee with the office locations, walk-through could be of great help to make him aware of the structure and departments of the entire organization. Online training videos enable the employees to check and imitate preferred patterns of professional etiquettes. If they are being taught about a particular operation, they can carefully observe the presenter see how that function is carried out. These videos give an opportunity to explore the surrounding from different angles which involve them in the environment. Employees required to be trained for using devices of equipment can be highly benefited with these videos. 

Compliance training is one more important aspect of the corporate sector. However, nobody prefers to sit in a conference room for hours to listen to the monotonous speech of company policies or annual reports. 360-degree videos could be used in these sessions to insert interesting factor to make them interactive and engaging. I'm sure that you have participated in participative webinars that are already a fascinating and informative way of communications. Nonetheless, 360-degree views make such webinars vivacious. Anyone watching webinar in 360-degree feels to be a part of the audience, and he can virtually participate in games, contests or quiz that are taking place at the event venue. The footage of webinar allows you to save it in your learning management system that you can use for the employees in future. 

By reading the above insights, you would have recognized the practicality and utilities of 360-degree videos. Corporate e-learning sessions become time-saving, qualitative and yet cost-effective with the help of advanced technology in this specific domain. It is vital for every employer to engage his employees in some productive activities to enhance its skills and expertise in respective fields. For this purpose, arranging training sessions using 360-degree 

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360 Degree Videos in Corporate e-learning- Is it feasible?

Till date, audiovisual mediums of communication have been recognized as the most dynamic and responsive tools for interaction. However, the concept of 360-degree videos has transformed..

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