With its mesmerizing view and uniquely displayed visual content, no wonder 360-degree videos have boomed the world. Instead of regular 2D or 3D videos, 360-degree videos are capturing markets with its immense capacity of covering all dimensions of the shooting object with a whole 360-degree angle. Thanks to rapidly developing yet affordable technological advancements. These videos have potential to attract a greater number of viewers or followers due to its innovative genre. It does not matter which service or product you are willing to promote, you can use 360-degree technique anywhere you want. Taking into account following points would certainly be helpful to you: 

> Camera selection is the key- While choosing the camera, you must ensure that the camera is capable of delivering high-quality output. Nowadays, you may find lots of options in context to professional cameras when it comes to HD video capturing. For the excellent results, I would advise you to go for GoPro. A 360-degree video mount can have total six cameras to be installed on it. 

> Make sure the camera has enough battery- Shooting 360-degree video requires good battery backup and ample SD card storage. Using GoPro camera equals to high voltage consumption and a requirement for a lot of storage capacity. Safest option is to carry battery packs or portable chargers to keep your camera fully charged while you are at the location. Also, don't forget to carry few SD cards so that you can use them for extra footage if required.
> Keep your camera settings streamlined- When you are using multiple cameras set up, it is necessary to make sure that all the cameras have same manual settings for shooting. For example, if you are using a setup of GoPro, all cameras should have similar settings and the White balance, color temperature and ISO of each camera should be turned off. It is better to use 4:3 ratio to cover a wider area. It will help you in editing 360-degree videos.  
> Unipod is better than tripod- While you are moving your camera for panning or tilting, it is required to make those movements with utmost perfection without any jerks. Unipod rightly helps to make smooth and natural movements anywhere you want. You can use best possible angles and camera movements to get great scenes. 

> Maintain the device's height- When your camera is steady while shooting, it is crucial to place it in the right position for delightful streaming experience for the viewers. I would suggest you to set the camera at an appropriate height. Do not keep it to low or too high. When you are offering a 360-degree view of the audience, make sure that your camera placement is correct in context to height so that it will cover the entire surrounding without leaving any loopholes. The thumb rule is to align the device with the line of your sight. 

> Natural light is the best lighting source- Be it still picture or motion picture, lighting source is the fundamental aspect of shooting. If you can utilize the maximum sunlight in the best possible manner, there is nothing as awesome as this one! Natural light offers fresh and crisp beam of light where you can adjust the objects to get them well-lit as per requirement. Or, you can even make use of panoramic shooting studio for the same. 

> Keep all fresh cuts in the same timeline- Let me take you to one of the most important steps while shooting video. When you are shooting the video, make sure that you're keeping all of them in one timeline that will ease all your efforts at the time of editing. Turn on all your GoPro cameras at an exactly same time without a differentiation of even a second. I would recommend you not to use remote cameras for operating camera functions because it will consume a huge amount of power. Recognize the frame and keep all the videos in the similar timeline. 

I'm sure by now you have realized the growing significance and features of 360-degree videos that can be used widely. Due to its mesmerizing and striking characteristics, it serves clients with everything they need in context to the visual appeal. However, there is still lot scope available for this technology to develop. It's just like saying ''way to go'' when it comes to 360-degree videos. Keep shooting 360-degree videos to please your audience, enjoy streaming! Good luck! 

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