The event hosts or organizers have recognized the significance of creating the event which focuses on the needs of the audiences. Audience engagement and interaction in the event depends on the agenda of your topic and the way you present it. For knowledge sharing, networking and business development; events are the most crucial places where you can explore. Event organizers to have started leveraging the crowd-sourcing potential making use of various tools of which Audience Response System (ARS) is the important one. The system of audience response helps you to interact with your audience in the real time to get the spontaneous feedback on some crucial questions. Understanding the customer behavior or their viewpoint has thus become more accessible for the event organizers. Here are few necessary steps to follow that'll help you implement the audience voting system successfully:


> Be ready with all the devices- Make sure you have all the required methods including laptop to view the presentation, voting pad handsets, tablet or smart tool to organize the solution, Secondary display to see the polls in Q & A program. Also, you need to have a secure broadband connection which gives you stable access to the internet. It is better to prepare all the technicalities in advance so that everything goes uninterrupted.


> Understanding the system- If you are unaware of the functioning of the ARS system, it is advisable to conduct a dry run to know the fundamentals of the operation. Get to know about switching between questions and polls, highlighting issues, turning on and off the polling, etc. Many vendors providing interactive response system offer free demonstrations wherein they explain you the entire process. In this way, you can learn to handle the solution. Remember, you should never hesitate to ask for the briefing of the system.


> Designate the accountable person- The best way to take care of all the on-going is to designate a dedicated person who can handle the system efficiently. You can appoint an expert in the audiovisual department or one of the staff members from the vendor. Otherwise, you can also train one of your team members by making him familiar with the ARS process. That dedicated person can keep a close check on the event in context to the required technicalities of the live audience response. He can rectify the error if any.


> Plan the session- Live audience polling works best in the events where the more prominent groups of participants are involved. You can plan for Q & A meeting when the presentation ends. During the speech, you can gather and finalize the questions to be included. On the other hand, a panel discussion is another way to incorporate the audience into the discourse to get a more extensive level of feedback. Generally, you get minimum time to present your data in front of the audience through the presentation or speech. Keeping audience engaged within the shortest span is an art. Polls help you to keep the audience connected to the event and retain their interest.


> Brief your moderator- When you use audience response system in your event, the moderator is the most significant person. It's his responsibility to give the introduction of the ARS system at the beginning of the event and motivate the participants for its usage. The interactivity of the audience thus depends on how proactive your moderator is. Hence, you need to train him professionally. Before the event, send email or reminder to the moderator wherein his responsibilities would be listed in detail. You can schedule a call with him to let him know your expectations or thinking.


> Use the tool continuously- Once the event is started, it's important for the moderator to utilize the questions at regular intervals. He should consider every question or doubt as the most valued one to be addressed later. Providing satisfactory reply to the audience on their questions helps build a sense of credibility among them. Moderator must positively react to the issues so that, the event goes on without any confusion. If the polling is used continuously, you'll understand the audience mindset, outlook on various topics.


We have at this moment seeing how the audience response system or response clicker can be cleverly leveraged to engage the audience. Maintaining the attention of the participants and involvement in the content at conferences, meetings, seminars, live events, corporate training, etc. Getting instant opinions and feedback from your audience at such point is hugely crucial which becomes possible only with the ARS system.            

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Successful Implementation of ARS isnt a Rocket Science

The event hosts or organizers have recognized the significance of creating the event which focuses on the needs of the audiences.

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