Media consumption in multiple digital formats across the world is evident to us. The smart devices supporting the digital formats are amplifying throughout the global markets, and the hi-speed broadband internet service providers are just stimulating the whole media consumption scenario. Increased access to the entertainment and social networking has contributed to the online revolution all over the world. However, few significant shifts in the trends can be notified while audiences are utilizing the media content. From traditional mediums of entertainment, we all are shifting towards upgraded smart devices having surpassing features and accessibility. VOD means merely OTT system to watch or listen to the content which they want at any point of time.  

The rise of latest media players such as Netflix, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, Hulu, etc. has threaten traditional entertainment medium such as Television. Online media consumption in a format of on-demand (i.e., whenever and whatever the audience needs) have beaten the monopoly of conventional modes of entertainment and have flown like a rocket. 

While discussing the rewards of on-demand video services, it's obvious to consider it's positive aspects. Convenience is the most robust attribute, Video on Demand is having a boom. Unlike TV cable service providers, VOD providers do not ask for long-term contractual agreements to keep your bind with them. You can continue your subscription plan as long as you wish. Also, you can select multiple VOD providers at the same time. Since the cable operator is limited to the geographic area in which the network is provided, traditional television lets you restrict the broadcast of particular channels or programs. However, VOD streams the programs irrespective of territorial boundaries. You can surf a vast catalogue which is a collection of millions of videos and can enjoy those in which you take the interest. Hi-speed broadband internet connections and smartphones are the only requirements VOD asks for. Having variety of service providers and manufacturers in both the things, customers have a wide range of choice to choose among them. 

Cost-wise too, Video on Demand can prove to be highly beneficial to you. You can choose premium packages for unlimited internet access to optimize the use of the best intent plans. There are a variety of genres of entertainment such as movies, TV shows, news, sports, classic series, etc. you can get through VOD services. Newer technology in VOD is allowing the viewers to see the exclusive interest contents broadcasted in specific parts of the world gathering interest communities. 

Thinking from advertisers'' point of view, VOD stands out in the crowded markets of linear television or digital video promotions. Video on Demand services have all the superior features of prime-time TV along with the blend of digital outreach to make the content viral. It further takes you to the measurable audience engagement that helps you focus on your advertising and marketing strategy to turn the maximum number of potential viewers into buyers of the services or products you are selling. Personally concentrate on the audience based on a socio-demographic basis, cultural traits, etc. is something unique that a promoter can get through VOD services. Many solitary broadcasters are keen in the interactive formats of programs that are boosted by VOD services. As an advertiser, you can always measure and calculate the response through the clickable and trackable features. 

To enlist more benefits; the VOD services have brought a paradigm shift in the overall content programming. Right from its ideation, production, distribution to analytics; all the concepts of selling have undergone tremendous change. Programming slots and viewership amounts too have been drastically moved due to such newer trends. With different types of VOD services such as subscription-based VOD, ad-based VOD, and transactional VOD; users of these services to have been diversified in multiple viewership categories. 

To summarize it all, the Video on Demand technology is proving to be a blessing in disguise. It has transfigured the model of viewing videos. By correctly understanding the buyers' behaviour and audience psychology; VOD service providers are offering the right type of solutions customized to their demands. Embracing online streaming services and social media platforms; VOD services are rapidly growing across the world which shows their prosperous future. 

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Media consumption in multiple digital formats across the world is evident to us. The smart devices supporting the digital formats are amplifying throughout the global markets, and the hi-speed..

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