The impactful wave of virtual reality technology has acquired a significant position in technological culture and thus have transformed the marketing concepts. Virtual Reality is a form of the immersive technology. Virtual Reality has shown its impressive potential to attract the target audience to convert them into the buyers. Hence, when we talk about the concepts of virtual reality, it has a lot to do with the consumer behaviour. Choosing the right type of tool and technology to promote and market the business can benefit you in a significant way. Virtual Reality, being one of the essential formats of audiovisual marketing; it's substantial to clear out all the misconception regarding its implementation, structure or whatever. Few such mistakes are listed below:  

> Virtual Reality is a brand new technological invention- This sounds a hilarious statement. Traces of VR technology can be found since the post-1800's duration. For the first time, Ivan Sutherland presented the Virtual Reality in 1962 with the Sensorama that he has generated. Head-mounted displays and 3D technology were practiced that time as well and surround sound, air blow, custom aromas, etc. were tried earlier to create an ambiance. Several attempts and projects to develop Virtual Reality were undertaken long back in history. 

> Virtual Reality is only for gamers- This is perhaps the most common myth you hear quite often. It is because still in many countries, people see playing multimedia games wearing headsets to enjoy the virtual atmosphere. But, many resources available online are dedicated to spreading awareness of virtual reality for multiple industrial uses. The technicalities, strategies involved in using this marketing method has a broad perspective to stimulate the sales of your product or service. Shortly, Virtual Reality is going to be one of the most crucial tools in the sectors such as healthcare, construction, education, security, and business. VR is likely to capture the leadership of the marketing practices. 

> User feels queasy inside after some time- It is a total misinterpretation that user of Virtual Reality wearing the headset feels uncomfortable due to artificially created implicit effects related to the human senses. However, several scientific types of research and studies have stated the fact that there are no such negative impacts of VR technology on human body or mind. There are no changes or ill effects on the emotional levels or behavioural patterns of the VR users. Also, it does not cause any illness. Reputed vendors providing VR services always have the headsets and equipment that are scientifically tested and approved to be safe for human use. 

> VR appears like a reality- VR never looks like our reality that we see through our eyes. Still, there is a lot scope for development when we talk about bringing Virtual Reality closer to the actuality. With the invention of 4k TV sets, high resolution or HD concept has reached a new level of superiority. The contemporary problem that most of the VR developers facing is the bit size of the VR filming technology; however, that is also assumed to be solved very soon. Photorealistic graphics matching with the existent reality is what required to make Virtual Reality lookalike Reality. 

> VR is high-priced- This is also a misleading statement when you discuss the costing involved in Virtual Reality applications. Most of the people today use Smartphones or tablets that have extensive compatibility with the other advanced devices. You need a smartphone and a headset To experience the VR. If you already have a smart device, all you need is just a VR headset to engage with fully immersive experience. Few all in one solution are also available in the markets which are another cost-effective ways for enjoying VR experience. These headsets run from other devices connected to them using HDMI cable with their onboard OS. In case of Gaming consoles, you get to enjoy HD audiovisual effects, with the best graphics and high-performance processors which cost almost similar to the high-end desktop systems. 

> VR is just a fad- Fundamentally talking, technology's success depends on the time testing as it proves to be beneficial for a wide range of users. Several computing platforms have been invented, and they have increased the scope of the further inventions with required upgrades. VR perhaps has a vast potential to operate as a reality. Anything we visualize, we can simulate the same in Virtual Reality. A lot more inventions are expected to take place that would make Virtual Reality to the next level. 
Overall VR approach is growing at a tremendous pace, and it is likely to embrace human life. Technological advancements in this particular field are taking place consistently and that are going to benefit the markets across the world. Social media integration with these marketing techniques is just rocketing the digital transformation across the globe. 

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Virtual Reality- Beware of Misconceptions

The impactful wave of virtual reality technology has acquired a significant position in technological culture and thus have transformed the marketing concepts.

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