Time efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the two primary reasons why most of the business organizations today are opting for the webcast as a tool for promotions and marketing. Professionals nowadays are exploring the different ways to maximize the effect of webcast or any live event they are broadcasting. The webcast is an activity that has a potential to keep the audience engaged who are even virtually watching the event remotely. Webcasts need to be executed appropriately in context to pre-event, during the event and post-event operations to worth your expenses. A systematic planning and a robust marketing strategy would certainly help you make a successful webcast. Here are some exclusive tips offered by an experienced webcast consultant that would help you collect and maintain a massive amount of viewers for your webcast. They are as follows:  

> Keep your TA in mind- Any professional speaker or presenter speaking in a corporate event or annual meet usually takes help of a slideshow presentation. However, your presentation strategy should be upgraded with the time now. Since your webcast is viewed across the world, you must consider remote viewers along with those who are participating in the event face to face. Address your event attendees with a professional manner to let them understand their presence is valuable. As you are greeting the attendees in front of you, don't forget those who are watching a live webcast. You should keep both the sets of audiences active by acknowledging them throughout the event. One more important aspect is eye contact to the camera. Since you are interacting with your audience from the podium, you are likely to look at them constantly. However, you should also keep looking at the lens so that your online viewers would be assured that their presence is honoured. Keeping webcast attendees and a live audience on the same page is very crucial. Digital webcast platforms would allow the webcast users to download the documents that live audience are having with them. 

> Motivate the audience to speak- All live events today feed the social media to outreach its efficiency. Even if the audience at your event is posting something about the webcast irrespective of your brand or product; you have to leverage the opportunity to reach to the potential customers. This multimedia is often presented in the format of user-generated content that offers more exposure to your webcast. The audience sitting in front of you can also interact with the remote attendees using social media. It'll boost the communication that will help all of them to share the opinions, information, and feedbacks about the event. You can embed social media link into your webcast screen where the audience can upload videos, pictures, tweets, comments, etc. You can also keep special sessions in between the webcast to promote your audiences' thoughts wherein you can invite few people to come on stage and share their experiences.  

> Avoid the monotony- A simple yet effective trick to avoid the monotonous event is to ask questions to your viewers. You can ask them issues related to the topic which should act as ice-breakers or knowledge-testers in the best possible exciting ways. Digital platforms today have Audience Responsive Systems (ARS) through which you can collect audience poll on various issues that will also help to develop your analysis of the event through accurate statistics. A webcast provider can offer you a unique platform through which the in-room audiences, as well as webcast viewers, can simultaneously participate in the polling. Chat boxes, quiz, competitions or contests during the event can increase the interactivity among the audience, and your event will become more engaging. You can offer small rewards to the winners and takeaways for the audiences that will increase their excitement. You must think of innovative ideas and unique concepts to present your event that will keep your audience entertained throughout the webcast. 

A demonstration is essential- Whatever you are promoting your webcast event; be it a service, product or solution; you should exhibit it to the audiences. Find new ways to launch it in the event and present it in front of the audience explaining its functionality and features. You can also provide free trials to the viewers to give them hands-on experience of what they would purchase probably in future. Such types of live free demos are significant ways of promotions and marketing.  

Planning a smart and precise strategy is a key to unlock the success of your webcast. You can always explore the vendors and discuss the customized solutions to get the maximum advantages through the webcast services you are purchasing. Incorporating social media into your webcast along with the interactive approach to the event takes your webcast to the next level if you execute it wisely. 

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Audience engagement- Tips by A Webcast Consultant

Time efficiency and cost-effectiveness are the two primary reasons why most of the business organizations today are opting for the webcast as a tool for promotions and marketing.

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