The uses and presentation of the 360-degree video services might seem to be simple, but actually, it isn't the same. Technically speaking, to shoot and edit the 360-degree videos is quite challenging. Since 360 video services offer you with complete coverage from all the possible angles; you need to be very careful while shooting. These videos have mesmerized the marketers, advertisers, audiences due to its dynamism in offering the benefits. I am going to provide you with few fascinating facts about 360-degree videos. They are as follows:  

> It distinguishes in the presentation- It is one of the most significant things you need to know about 360-degree videos. It is a particular type of a video wherein 360 live streaming camera allows the viewer to see everything around the frame, from all possible angles. In brief, a viewer handles the shooted camera angle by panning or tilting the smart device.From publisher's or host's point of view, it's an excellent medium to offer rich media experience. It is entirely an immersive experience which is different than a typical video. Viewers have control over whatever they are watching. You can make your event interactive by providing stunning visuals. This storytelling format is indeed fascinating and hence attracts massive viewership. Due to the creative audiovisual content on the live 360 video streaming, the audience engagement is often extensive.  

> Number of cameras cannot define the quality- Creating engaging and captivating 360 degree live video streaming involves a perfect combination of cameras. GoPro is the best camera to shoot the excellent quality 360-degree videos, but it's equally significant to limit the number of cameras you are setting up for a shoot. Too many cameras create chaos and ruin the shooting strategy. Always remember, no matter even if you are capturing a larger area, there should be maximum 7 to 8 cameras. Chalk out the plan which camera should be placed in which position. In this way, you can cover every angle carefully to make an error-free 360-degree video.  

> Timing matters a lot- Just like live streaming videos, best 360-degree video to captures the social media platforms regarding accessibility. Facebook Live and YouTube are the platforms in which marketers are investing huge to distribute 360-degree content among the potential customers. Viewers do not need a particular kind of equipment like virtual reality headset or something. These videos offer more immersive experience with a convenient format of watching. Whenever a new product or service is launching in the market, a manufacturer can make use of these videos to promote the product even before it is out with the commercial advertisements. Shortly, the demand for 360-degree videos is enormous taking into account massive popularity for video sharing sites and growing number of smartphones. So, this is the ideal time for the investors to leverage the benefits. 

> It's easy to produce- 360 degree videos are quite easy for the video editors to create. They can handle the music and visuals at the same time which boosts creativity. The cameras used in 360-degree videos help you include a specific part of the video along with the selected soundtrack. To simplify the process, firstly production house shoots the video and then all the editing operations stitching the background scores, enhancing the visuals, etc. are undertaken. Hence, these videos can be easily refurbished in single attempt. It is advisable for the 360-degree video producers to create a blueprint of the schedule prior going to the actual shoot. 

> They define the content video content strategy- 360-degree videos have become popular instantly after their emergence and many reputed brands have quickly adapted them to their marketing plans. The technology has become successful in providing the visuals to the audiences which they love. So, marketers have focused promptly on exploring the facets and applicabilities of these videos in different fields. Creating positive brand introduction and experience with the use of 360-degree videos is the most significant goal marketers include in their strategy. Brands or products are quickly becoming viral across the world with the help of these videos mesmerizing the viewers.    

With the full range of utilities of 360-degree video technology in different fields; these videos have a significant share in the future of video marketing. These videos can apply to virtual training, property walkthroughs, travel videos, fashion, product launch, documentaries and so on. The visual concept is genuinely revolutionized with the productive and innovative viewing experience. 360 video production companies are empowering the businesses with allowing them to stand out in the crowd by boosting their sales and promotions. 

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Five Facts You Must Know About 360 Degree Videos

The uses and presentation of the 360-degree video services might seem to be simple, but actually, it isn't the same. Technically speaking, to shoot and edit the 360-degree videos is quite challenging.

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