When virtual reality was in its earlier stage in the last decade, it was primarily used only for gaming and entertainment purposes, however with the advent of new technologies and devices, it reaches has increased by leaps and bounds. Virtual Reality (VR) is now widely used in all sorts of industries for multiple purposes such as training, demonstrations, testing and so on. Experts believe that virtual reality is going to be the next level computing platform influencing all our senses and growing into million dollar industry for potential clients seeking for such innovative solutions. 

Initially, filmmaking, gaming or entertainment industry used virtual reality and augmented reality to the core. Virtual reality could be the next communication technology with the upgrades and updates in standard technology. Directly talking, photos are more efficient than texts, videos are more interactive than galleries, so the next thing that could overpass the videos or motion pictures is the virtual reality. It can connect with user's senses as it offers him artificially generated experience and feels in unique ways to put him virtually into the real situation. It is expected to develop in a more better way within next few years that will offer the user the most efficient virtual ambiance. 

As the progress took place in the motion pictures, 2D, and 3D gestures, movements were incorporated together with a sense of touch, look and feel to make the VR more advanced. Several companies today are exploring to adopt renovated VR internet future beyond mere marketing or branding purposes. Now you can be present online equipped with VR headsets that are supported by few browsers on some applications. Many third-party applications, software have integrated VR technology for the users wherever they wish to implement it. 

Virtual reality has already entered the retail markets and e-commerce trends wherein you can indirectly go into the retail shops, have a look and experience the things you want to buy. The features, prices, benefits are all those essential aspects that you can check through an immersive version of VR. With a time-saving, cost-effective and easily accessible ways of online shopping, VR is likely to attain more popularity in upcoming years. 

Though currently, VR is restricted to buyer's optical and audible perceptions, the future seems to be revolutionary. VR is getting even robust as it is offering the physical senses such as temperature, vibration, smell, etc. These factors are bringing the users closer to the VR fading out its theoretical concept. High-end touch sensors are eliminating the obstacles between the physical and virtual world and hence providing the users with more feasible, practical and real experiences in a virtual manner. The technology is gradually but efficiently turning out to be interactive from immersive. 

The virtual reality market contributed to about $1.9 billion in 2016, but the expected hike by the end of 2020 is $22.4 billion. These figures are inclusive of hardware and software sales regarding VR. When you include Augmented Reality into the ballgame of the virtual world along with AR, the contribution of both to the world economy could just massive with $121 billion by 2021. Looking at the pace and inclusiveness of this technology; it is likely to become a part of people's daily life across the world. 

With the strength of going beyond the ''wow factor'', VR has successfully captured the buyers by creating excitement and sustaining engagement into what a seller wants to display. Technological creativity and smart execution have been carefully driven in the commercial campaigns by many corporate giants. It is providing the organizations with a new way of generating creative content and showing it to the users with unique ways. With the rich content, the user experience and engagement is going to be even better than earlier days. Social networking platforms are taking efforts to incorporate VR more social to get the next level of interactivity while watching videos or on outings. With a great storytelling and experiencing ability, VR seems to have a bright future for the users in their routine life. 

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When virtual reality was in its earlier stage in the last decade, it was primarily used only for gaming and entertainment purposes,

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