Achieving media attention for your proposed event is extremely crucial as it can create wonders when it comes to brand building. News stories, plugs, sneak-peeks, event promotion, and interviews are some excellent ways to attract the audience towards your event. It creates a sense of excitement and eagerness to participate in the future events as well. Your event promotion ideas must include innovative activities, exciting topics, notable speakers, reputed guests to create enough buzz around it. People should feel excited to be a part of the moment looking at the invitation you have sent. The business asks for considerable exposure to the global markets in today's digital era. Boosting sales and ROI through the corporate event is a new trend many entrepreneurs are opting. For this purpose, event management services provide you maximum media coverage that creates awareness among the masses. Top event planning companies may offer you few expert tips to gain media exposure to your upcoming event: 

> Create your media list - The foremost step in getting media attention is to generate contacts, relationships and more extensive network with the various media professionals like press reporters, journalists, bloggers, influencers and so on. Best event management companies put maximum efforts in efficiently reaching out to such people. Since the digital marketing is booming, make sure you're providing adequate attention to the online activities as well. Once you compile a massive list of contacts, you can systematically categorize it through Microsoft Excel with PR list templates. Using CRM software for your event helps to generate PR list that automatically gets stored in the system. 

> Write down press release - The only way reporters know about your event is when you tell them. Event management companies would ask you to prepare a press release which is one of the most effective ways to promote your development online. All the significant details of the event regarding time, date, venue and contents are expected to include in a press release to let the people know about it. You also have to mention the significance of your event and the target audience it's going to cover. From the start to end, you should offer a complete clarification of your event details such as the names of the speakers/presenters, topics, structure, etc. A proper press release covers all the essential aspects which leave minimum work for the reporter when he arrives to cover your event. After creating the press release, you can circulate it through different PR companies, media channels, news feeds across the world. 

> Contact the media people - the Press release is an attempt to grab the audience attention for your event. In other words, it is the best way to advertise an event. However, follow up and chasing media professionals for your event through direct contact is quite compelling. It increases the scope of positive response. The first thing while contacting the blogger or reporter is to confirm that they have received your press release. While pitching the media companies, press releases can be used as the resource to answer the queries of them. As media professionals work on the deadlines; your information can instantly go live, and it'll spread across the globe. Your event promotion marketing message about the event efficiently reaches out to the digital and print news channels along with the social networking platforms making it viral to the fullest.   

> Set up media management group - Making news channels to distribute news in your favor requires managerial skills. You have to convince the media professionals that your event is extremely crucial and many notable happenings are going to take place in it. Excite the media people so that, they'll directly contact the right spokesperson for your event. A team should have the experience and skills of providing relevant, exact information of your event and guidance to the media personnel. Keep the record of media guests invited to the event which will help you in press identification. Event management software provides options to incorporate gest and client list management. All the team members should be well versed in the background of your event. It should empower the media attendees with all required information. Providing right type of facts and figures to the reporters and bloggers help you reach out to the maximum amount of potential customers. 

> Handle social media management - While you are taking efforts to make a significant pitch of your event for the media people, streamline your operations for spreading the word through social media as well. Blogs, Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Facebook Live, are some of the great ways you can conduct event promotion on social media. Making your information viral on the internet brings extra attention to your events in the form of higher audience engagement. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can dig out the bloggers and reporters who can further share the updates of the event on their social media accounts.    

Gaining considerable media traction for the event is indeed an art blended with the science of systematic and strategic efforts. When it comes to event advertising ideas, I would advise you to innovate something interesting to attract the massive audience to the event. Media-friendly approach and wise planning to catch the maximum media attention are one of the critical aspects of event promotion tips.

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Learn to Earn Media Attention for your Event

Achieving media attention for your proposed event is extremely crucial as it can create wonders when it comes to brand building.

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