4 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Right Virtual Event Platform For Product Launch

Published On : 07 June 2021

Virtual events are a powerful alternative to in-person events, and it is quite in trend because of the current situation. With no certainty of when live events like conventions, trade shows, and in-person meetings will happen in the future, many companies are looking for virtual platforms for product launch, which helps them connect with the audience at a cheaper cost.

Besides the pandemic, if you just look at the advantages of hosting a virtual event, you will find that this is something the companies should have adopted long before it became the only choice. Even after you've figured out why having a virtual event is a feasible and beneficial choice for you and your company, the next issue is which platform you should choose to hold your virtual event.

Now you don't have to worry about that as we are here to suggest some virtual product launch event ideas that will clear all your confusions and help you plan one of the best virtual product launches!

Tip 1- Customising the event to give values related to your product:

This is an essential element to consider when deciding on a platform to host a virtual product launch online. You don't want to hold an event that does not align with your company or your product and limits you to only what the platform offers.

More than that, instead of simply trying to sell your product, add value to those products by organising live tutorials and collaborating with well-known people from the line of your product, just like you do in offline trade show events to attract the audience.

Tip 2- Keeping it engaging and interactive for the audience:

Keeping the audience engaged in an online launch event is a more difficult task than an offline event, as there are various kinds of distractions online for a viewer that can fail in the event. So, it becomes even more critical for a company to choose the right virtual event platform. To maintain two-way communication during the sessions, you need to select a platform that will provide them with various engagement tools like polls, quizzes, online games, Q&A sessions, etc., which will further result in higher audience engagement.

Tip 3- Innovative displays and booths:

An ideal virtual event hosting platform would be the one that helps you increase your brand awareness. It gives you options like interactive booths, which will function as a physical trade show booth and display, demonstrate and discuss the features of your new product. Other options can be banners and innovative display screens that highlight your brand all around the virtual event and make the event a success.

Tip 4- Giving the audience a virtual experience of a lifetime:

The true sign of a successful virtual event is when after the event, the audience feels like they just had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and share it with their friends, indirectly doing the brand's publicity.

Choose a virtual management company for a product launch that helps you create a 3D world suitable for your product. For example, a food and beverage company can create a restaurant-type virtual setup. When a person joins the event, the door of the virtual restaurant opens so that he feels like he is entering a restaurant. These types of things create curiosity in the audience's minds, which makes the event more interactive.

Sure, virtual events are a powerful alternative to in-person events but only when hosted, keeping in mind the audience's interest areas and keeping them engaged in the event. For this, choosing the right virtual events company which provides you with the best webcasting services is essential, but other than that, keeping your motive and being clear of what you expect from the event is more important. So, take an idea from these points and then think about creative ideas suitable for your brand.



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