Internal Communications Trends in 2021 | Here’s What You Should Keep Your Eyes On

Published On : 25 January 2021

The year 2020 has indeed been like no other. Everyone you know is sure to utter one or the other distasteful remark about it. Before you make your mind wipe it off from the calendar and add it to your suppressed memories, think one more time.

From keeping work-life balance, sustenance to professional development for staff, everyone is looking for ways to tackle the aftermath of 2020 and beyond to future-proof their 2021 strategies. Remote work is now a permanent choice for many workplace workers, all internally and externally based. This gives the technology enthusiasts and savvy internal communicators another reason to put their heads together in strategizing communications plans for 2021 and finding new ways and themes that will re-define the near future for interaction.

This 5-min read will explore the predictions that can provide incredible acceleration in digital transformation and other communication tendencies. So, without further ado, here are some 2021 Communications Trends & Theme that you should keep your eyes on;

1. Adding up to the COVID-19 Bequest

With every passing year, the world of customer communications keeps on changing. However, after the shove of COVID-19, we can bet it every single bottom penny on our technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Whether you admit it or not, the year 2020 has switched the gears to fasten the pace of these changes. The pandemic has unexpectedly sparked up the digital revolution already underway in most businesses. Experts have even predicted that an 'omnipresent business model' will be vital for companies to emerge successfully from the aftermath of COVID-19 in 2021. This refers in particular to promotions, corporate communications, branding, and business relations.

2. Marking the Beginning of Omni-Channel Era

While several trends promise to transform the future of internal comms, an overarching shift is already underway: the transition to Omni-Channel comms. Customers want businesses to have a clear presence across all channels. Many businesses have already accepted this approach in recent years, and now it's more of an expectation than a "nice to have." Customers may demand straightforward service and grow irritated if they are handled differently on Twitter than by email. Many internal comm techniques have focused on segmented media over the years, such as print employee publications and emails. Given that about a 20% hike is monitored in employee satisfaction due to the use of digital social and collaborative tools, a next-generation intranet can prove to be your secret weapon for boosting engagement and creating compelling internal comms.

3. LIVE Digital Innovation Continues

The rush to digital operation has clear implications, including a stronger focus on digital security, and the outsourcing of routine activities that free people from higher-touch interactions.

Digitalization is now taking the front seat as 2020 has already clubbed innovation with communications tactics. The use of live streaming video solutions, in particular, will see lots of new ideas and media for better customer and employee interaction.

After the drastic change of #NewNormal - Livestream is Now Mainstream. This will be a possible trend because of the increased mainstreaming of techniques such as live digital activities, podcasting, and real-time talk with regular services. The future of event marketing development will be hybrid activities that draw both physical and simulated participants and attendees.

Our Advice:
Everyone has accepted these forced new norms with a grain of salt while keeping an optimistic approach. Hence, investing in your internal communication and digital skills have an absolutely long-lasting impact and will also safe-guard your upcoming endeavours from the next crisis that you may face as communicators.

Perhaps this is the silver lining for organizations. On that note, we have reached the end of the blog. Keep in mind that the most effective ones enhance productivity and efficiency.



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