Creative ways of using 360-degree videos

Published On : 10 February 2020

Introduction to 360-degree videos

360-degree videos are just as its name suggests. These videos are recorded using omnidirectional cameras so that the viewer can control the screen during playback and view clip in any direction as needed.

It is absolutely new and exciting video content format and has enormous potential to create an exceptionally realistic and immersive experience. Google states that usage of 360-degree online videos is likely to increase greater chances of viewers as compared to action taken by viewers for standard ads.

360-degree videos are easier to implement and require less technical expertise to operate compared to other platforms. You can use this technology to share information. Now let’s, deep-dive and know the creative ways of using 360-degree videos.

Creative ways of using 360-degree videos

● Webinars and online tutorials

Transform webinars and online tutorials by creating an immersive experience with 360-degree videos. Such an experience allows users to interact with the environment created for eg, taking a closer look at the elements involved. Having a panoramic view is an added advantage as it enables higher user-engagement.

● Virtual exploration

Enhance the way you tell stories by mixing VR with 360-degree videos. You can easily create immersive user content and case studies on life-based scenarios. These can be experienced in different interesting and innovative ways to connect at a deeper level with your audience. Eg: You can create virtual tours for your customers and avoid the involvement of actually complex factors such as equipment, machinery, as well as geographical areas.

● Gamification and game-based learning

Gamification and game-based learning methods are widely used methods by several companies to train their employees globally. Introducing 360-degree videos with gamification will not only increase audience engagement and but also boost immersive experience with great depth. You can add clues and ask the user to find them to develop engagement experience.

● 360-degree branching videos

Branching videos facilitate users to pick how the stories progress. These 360-degree branching videos can greatly work in developing immersive corporate training programs as the employees get a hold on taking the charge themselves and feel more empowered and confident.

● Online demos and VR

Online demos and VR videos are very important for training and in-depth learning purpose. It helps the user gain a better understanding of a specific product or service as a walk thorough or demo makes it easier also the added visual element works as a cherry on the cake by adding to its immersive experience.



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