Top 4 Indicators Showing How The Future Is Already A Reality

Published On : 09 December 2019

Predicting the future is next to impossible, but research is rather less work than the guesswork. Years have passed since the virtual reality has stepped into the real world; still questions like - Is Virtual Reality the next big thing? - keeps on lingering around. And as you read this blog, there will be some or the other new technology that takes a step forward towards becoming an actuality. So as we step into 2020, let us take a look at how virtual reality is set to change the world shortly and its progress till date.

Based on such predictions and researches, we have combined a list of factors that will influence the future of modern technology.

#1 Blend of technologies poised to become $150 billion market this year

We're are currently standing on the cliff of widespread adoption of one of the most engaging, and genuinely groundbreaking innovations of the past few decades. In the long list of innovations, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality technologies have upsurged as the prime crowd pullers. Not just that but this mixed technologies industry are poised to transform into $150 billion business in 2020 as it continues to draw millions of dollars in investments. Moreover, these immersive technologies don't just have their impact on science and technology but also have dramatically influenced diverse fields like entertainment, healthcare, tourism, sports, education, manufacturing, and so on.

#2 AI-based software technology and Robots are used to recruit and hire humans

The recruiting companies are now using artificial intelligence to find employees with the best in the bunch. Many companies have made solitary decisions in installing robots and algorithms that select candidates by analysing their behaviour and classifying their best talent. Experts have identified this procedure as a proliferation of AI machines, learning and data science tools as a less chaotic option for hiring as it provides a very level playing field. In this way, the robots are turning into ambassadors in such fields and perform the routine legwork that human recruiters don't enjoy doing.

#3 Offices to soon become obsolete

The concept of virtual workspaces is not a new thing, but lately, it is getting a lot of attention due to the advances in hardware and bandwidth that are potential enough to make it possible. The future of work will focus on a private, virtual workspace that immerses the user in a 3D desktop customised to provide the ideal working environment. Several of the significant HMD producers are providing a virtual desktop experience for their users. There are also several apps working to make this vision an actual reality. There are HDM producers who claim that teams from 75+ organisation have tested the primary virtual office experience till now, and they are only waiting for the subject to get commercialised and apt enough for remote masses. Still, the experience has a long way to go before it becomes seamlessly integrated with our daily work lives.

#4 Teleporting can be a real thing

Now you can be anywhere, anytime in seconds with multiple digital selves. Experts in AR technology believe that humans will have a virtual avatar or holograms through which they can be in different parts of the world with zero travel time. This futuristic vision seems a plot of some sci-fi movie; however, the researchers have claimed that such activity is plausible in the future. They are already studying the effects of embodying a virtual avatar and social 3D virtual worlds. Just like the previous pointer, this concept also involves the HMDs and producers of the pioneering virtual world. With the use of several current-day technologies, researchers are working on making a 3D VR environment usable, stable, and accessible to first-timers and non-gaming audiences. Such technology, if merged with augmented reality, has the potential of overlaying digital content in the real world. Many HDMs are already making use of this technology in social events like concerts and gatherings where 3D virtual worlds allow instant teleportation to different regions on the grid.

While we're still decades away from these bold possibilities to become a real thing, we can still eagerly wait to see how the story unfolds.



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