Host an Ideal Virtual Annual General Meeting with These 4 Hacks

Published On : 28 June 2021

In response to the recent outbreak, we were left with no choice but to shift our businesses to the online medium, using technology that practically no one used despite being accessible for years. Other than that, as in-person meetings seem a far fetched idea, we were compelled to host virtual annual general meetings.

The transition from hosting offline AGMs to hosting virtual AGMs online was not easy, but eventually, we got used to it. However, you may still have some unresolved issues which are causing difficulties in your virtual AGMs. Well, not anymore, as we are here with some great insights which will help you host your next virtual AGM seamlessly.

1. Virtual Platform Consideration:

The first step before hosting an AGM is to consider the type of platforms available and select the ideal one keeping the goals in mind.

There are two types of platforms available, Virtual Conferencing and Video Broadcasting.

Virtual Conferencing - A virtual conferencing platform allows you to achieve the primary requirement of an AGM, which is the active participation of stakeholders. It is also efficient to vote on business matters and interact with other members on a virtual conferencing platform.

Video Broadcasting - In a video broadcasting platform, you can stream your in-person stakeholder’s meeting through streaming platforms. It allows other stakeholders who are staying at remote locations to watch and listen to your meeting but lacks active participation.

2. Ideal Virtual AGM Service Provider Selection:

Selecting the ideal AGM service provider and contacting them well in advance to book a slot for your meeting should be your priority. After the outbreak, the virtual AGM platforms in India have been in high demand which is why making last-minute bookings for a slot is not possible for everyone due to lack of availability.

3. Look For Secure Connection:

With the news coming about some well-known video conferencing company’s security breach, you may be worried about your company’s data leak. Therefore, it is crucial to select a virtual event platform based in India with in-house network equipment monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to avoid these security breaches. If you still want to use remote platforms to hold a virtual meeting, it must provide all the members with high-level security and a secure network connection that is end-to-end encrypted.

4. Smooth Process for Voting and Q&A:

Your virtual service provider plays a massive role in the smooth entry of every member into the meeting, availability of essential information to every member, uninterrupted interaction and seamless facilitation of Q&A and voting. Therefore, the service provider must offer specific features for trouble-free voting and the Q&A process.

For example

  • There should be a separate chat box where employees can ask the question post ceremony.
  • For instant feedback, a specific voting booth should be created for voting while the employees cast votes during the panel discussions., which gives out results instantly after everybody has cast their vote.

Looking at the current situation, we can all agree that virtual events and meetings are here to stay for a more extended period. Therefore, we have to get used to hosting or attending them on a virtual events platform. It is also essential that you choose a reliable virtual AGM platform so that it can clear any misunderstandings you may have about them. We can assure you that with the right platform and features, you can host a virtual AGM successfully.



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