How are drones improving digital content in the media industry?

Published On : 30 March 2020

360-Degree Live Streaming

Redefine your Social Media Content with drones.

The recent release of high-tech drone cameras and gadgets have taken the world for a complete spin-off. Providing easy to use has turned out to be the best professional quality and attraction of these drones to the mass market. Their updated features and portability allow everyday users a walkthrough into the dynamics of aerial videography and imagery at an affordable price point.
But, is it meant for everyone to use? If so, how can you change your social media interaction completely by using drone content? Read on to know all the insights on drone videography and how it is changing the world with every flight.

For a moment just imagine you're the owner of a travel company, and your sole mission is to make a sale of vacation packages to various destinations. On the one hand, there are standard street-level photos of hotel rooms and nearby restaurants, and shops are not making any difference in your market. On the other side, you record the top view of the destination by using aerial drone photography that captures the full essence of the area.
Which content do you think is more appealing?
The answer is simple. With this aerial content, you can showcase the astonishing glimpse of gorgeous day-time and night-time visuals right on your social media page.

There's nothing like eye candy to get people to click on a link and potentially even schedule a visit! But these are just examples, now let's talk numbers. Let us give you some insights on the impact Of drones on Social Media Marketing;

The commercial & civilian drone market will grow by 20% per year through 2020. Drones have the calibre to create new categories of content creators as everyday users start creating and sharing drone imagery and videos. As the drones are becoming widely adopted in everyday life of common users, they are set to take exceptional photography and videos to the next level. A broad spectrum of industries including agriculture, energy, utilities, mining, construction & real estate, news media, film production and of course, event photography— has already made drone videography the majority of the commercial investment over the past few years.

For many social media influencers, brands and marketers, drones have even turned into a necessity to really enhance their content. And they swear by it. From here we can only imagine how much more common aerial footage will become over the next couple of years, as we are reaching the curve where social media marketers and influencers are going to have to jump aboard the drone bandwagon in order to keep up with each others competition!
How exactly is drone content shaping the future of marketing?
Now let's get to the point; here's how drone footage can change the game.
The doors of exploration have already been opened for businesses of all types. From engaging on social platforms and building a presence for their brand, only the innovative mindsets can survive in this drive. And adding drones into the mix wouldn't be difficult at all.

In the past, we have seen how Social media has become inundated with video content. YouTube's chief business officer Robert Kyncl had even claimed that 90% of all internet traffic would be video by 2020, which is so true. With spending limit on digital video ads increasing to 60%, extraordinary video content is the only thing that viewers crave for. And to feed their appetite for authentic and out of the box content - the drone-led content is the only option left for the content creators.
Drone videos are taking marketing to new dimensions as the media is already adapting the new direction to videography. The captivating shots and scenic imagery have the potential of giving a novel and fresh feeling every time it appears. Drone photography/videography has the capacity to serve the necessary separation for innovative marketers. Even as the drone-produced space becomes more saturated with immense numbers of drone videos, it will still stay upbeat in the mainstream media.



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