How to choose a Virtual Event Platform Service Provider?

Published On : 14 June 2021

Getting the audience’s engagement at a virtual event is of utmost importance. A virtual event that has lesser audience engagement can negatively impact the company and the organisers. Hosting an offline event is far from possible in current times as the only available way to connect with people is online. Therefore, it becomes even more important for you to carefully select a virtual events platform that caters to all their needs and help them organise a successful event.

Finding the right platform for your company can be difficult. Until the tech buffs come with a better and more convenient alternative, we have listed some noteworthy features that will assist you in picking the best virtual events company.

1- Customising the features according to the goal of the event:

You must always look for a virtual platform that offers features that can be customised according to their convenience. Customising the features keeping in mind the event’s goal and objective can help reach them efficiently.

For example, if you are hosting a virtual product launch event then, VR solid platforms will be an ideal choice. For an event like a fundraiser, a platform that can have easy transactions will be suitable.

2- Virtual space availability with as few entrance hurdles as possible:

Each virtual platform has a different capacity of spaces it can provide. Therefore, organisers should beforehand discuss and prioritise the number of spaces they want to employ.

After employing the virtual spaces, an organiser must also focus on keeping the entry process of the event as hassle-free as possible for the audience. A complicated registration or logging in process can annoy the audience, and many times, they cannot join the event because of this. So make sure that your service provider doesn’t have too many entry barriers.

3- Revenue Generation Features:

The internet world has a plethora of monetisation options. The brands are always looking for virtual event platforms in India that offer innovative ways for revenue generation. There is always a scope for a high revenue generation from these virtual events, but only if the right monetisation tools are offered by the service provider.

For example, letting organisers create separate breakout rooms for the sponsors to describe, demonstrate and advertise their brand. It is also allowing them to display their website’s link on their platform.

4- Providing Pre-recorded and Live Recording Features:

Yes, we agree that watching an event live is more fulfilling and engaging than a recorded one. But sometimes, it can happen that a speaker may not be able to join the event because of health issues or network issues. At that time, a pre-recorded video of that speaker can come in handy.

Just like pre-recorded videos, live recorded videos also have their pros. For example, the people who could not attend the live event can watch it later, the people who watched it can share it with their friends, or short, entertaining clips can be taken out from the live recorded video and uploaded on other platforms for more revenue generation.

Understanding all the essential features necessary for a virtual event will help your event succeed. Besides these essential features, you should always look out for what additional features your service provider or virtual Event Management Company offers. It is also necessary to contact virtual event planner companies that specialise in delivering all of these services.



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