Event 101 | Hacks for making your event more hassle-free

Published On : 09 March 2020

Corporate Event Management

Event handling can be a daunting task that incorporates a wide variety of limitations. It includes managing and of activities across multiple teams within an organisation. Read on to learn some of the top event marketing hacks that will help in making your events hassle-free and also help you focus on increasing the attendance.

1. Plan ahead of time

Your strategy will act as the prerequisite of any planning that you do. A little preparation before-hand never hurts but makes it easy for you. This hack also allows you to optimise your time and to work out any kinks along the way. Get your routine together by starting the work on your event weeks before the actual execution. By doing so, you get spare time to tweak your schedule in case of urgent changes. Checklists are a must! No matter how sharp anyone's memory is, there's still the risk of forgetting some or the other critical aspect in your plan. In such cases, you don't have to burden your brain by forcing it to carry every detail. Planning an event doesn't need to be as overwhelming and frustrating as we make it. It's as simple as grabbing a journal and jotting down a checklist of to-do's, materials, updates, add-ons, etc.
The underlying importance of event-planning checklist is to clear your mind and keep track of the what-nots. It should be one of the first things you do once you decide to organise an event. A carefully planned checklist will ensure that you stay focused and on task all the time. Create a timeline for each task, along with the estimated completion noted next to it. When you are done with the planning, share the updates with the concerned committee.

2. Stop Multitasking

We all have been through this phase once when our plate is full, but we don't know where to start from. And in such a situation most of us try to do the most basic hack of them all: Multitasking. If you are doing the same thing, you need to stop right now. After you have broken down your to-do list, you should try to focus on one project at a time.
Multitasking is important in our industry, but when you are struggling to stay focused, you might want to try seeing one task through to completion before moving on. The time you spend jumping from task to job can be wasteful and lead to a lack of concentration. By saving this time, you can spend more energy on improving your events and building relationships with clients or attendees.

3. Curate your Social Activities Accordingly

From the beginning itself, you need to harness the power of social media to your advantage. Keep one thing in mind- you need to start planning ahead of time. And, this game-changing facet of marketing can assist you in doing so. The central aspect starts during the weeks leading up to the event, so be sure to keep your audience's interest piqued with teaser content.
Get the word out early by following a standard timescale for promoting your event effectively online. This includes teaser posts or word of mouth marketing, followed by sharing details about the event through theme posts or announcements related to activities and speakers. Be sure to consistently post on social media during the event and record as much sharable content like interviews, session recordings, etc. You can ever reuse the clippings by editing it and released after the event. This data can be later reused to show the audience what they have missed out on, which can stand as possibly a critical factor in a non-attendee's decision to attend your next event.

4. Feed on FOMO

We are currently living with the genesis of people who hate missing out on something! They get anxious about missing out on an exciting or interesting event that is happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media. You can make the most of this curiosity, by basing all of your promotional content around it.
Tease your audience with online promotional activities. Learn to keep your audience on their tiptoes and meanwhile build upon the curiosity aspect. Nobody likes to be silent on social while attending an event, so you need to give your audiences something interesting to share. You can jazz up your event by running online contests and engaging activities. Create a link between the social media profile and the event webpage with visuals and a hashtag. For instance, you can run a Facebook or Twitter competition at your booth that will drive those mentions right up, unless you want to go old school by standing at the booth with the business card bowl.

5. Finale

Any event doesn't finish after the final presentation, but it actually marks the beginning of the second innings. You need to understand that there are plenty of insights to be gleaned from that instance. They say learn from your mistakes, but we instead believe that learn from everything - be it blunder or success. After the events are concluded, you need to work on evaluating the happenings store these data for further ventures.
Such data is needed for brands to evaluate what mentions were successful or not and determine why they worked or didn't work for them. The aftermath of every great event is the need for some in-depth estimation. For instance, you can determine "how placing your speaker's slides on social media gave you more traction" or "was the booth competition a waste of time".
It certainly shouldn't be undervalued in your reporting processes as it helps you in cornering on success and understanding what are the elements that motivate an audience. Hence, evaluation is a powerful tool for an events coordinator.

6. Hire an Army

All of these hiccups can be resolved in one instant. Opt for hiring a professional team or events managing company to do it all for you. Let them plan everything - the perfect venue, menu and setting. From corporate events to private parties, some companies can manage the ruckus that stumbles with every step of the way. These teams usually have professional sales execs who are available to help simplify, organise and customise every detail that is needed. They also guide you in making the right choices for your team and explain to you everything that takes your events to an unrivalled level of excellence.

These are all the factors that need to be explored. Let us know which of these hacks you have tried before.



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