How to Deliver Great Value through Webcast Services

Published On : 12 September 2019

In this changing world of innovation, we find service providers and advisors are always under the burden of revamping their game every minute. And still, the result turns out to be falling downwards due to competition and challenges that make it tough for the creators to make a mark on the global thrift.

To get that business booming and simultaneously deliver more for less, the marketers have to work on finding authentic tools that help them in exploring distinctive horizons of businesses. Many companies are now looking for ways to complement the technologies like webcasting, to create a fuller, more valuable unified communications strategy But, that's not as easy as it sounds. Here are a couple of sure-fire ways in which webcast will add extra value to your overall business flow:

Get other clients to add value using the webcast

Your clients can learn as much from each other during the live webcasts. Well, even more than they can learn from your briefings at times. We know you've heard this before… but that doesn't change the truth. Webcast gives you great opportunities to engage with the clients. It displays the potentials a direct window into what you are actually creating—right now, today—to build communities and connections among your clients.

For example, you can ask your highly regarded clients about a successful program they implemented and share it among your masses; by conducting a live podcast or webcast on your website. This will not just shun your senior clients to the mere textual testimonials/ video testimonial, but give them position by showing them how much you value them. In regards to that, this will also create a proper bond with those potentials who will admire your dedication.

Give the viewers more with favourable value/cost

Remember this equation for good: the higher the contribution on a product or service offered to the client, and/or the lower the price, the more valuable it is. What matters most to every client is the quality services provided that exactly meet their essential needs within their shrinking budgets.

The obvious but often neglected inference here is to offer the most value; you must increase the contribution that you put into the services while at the same time reduce the client's cost. Also, by addressing the client’s most essential needs you offer the highest inputs – they typically pay more to those who address their hottest issues. To compete, we must clearly provide more value than our associates from the client's perspective. It is so basic, and yet not many service providers think in the same way.

Use your deliverables smartly

There are endless invariable activities, features, or deliverables that have high perceived value for the customers but costs very little to the providers. These extras are currently at a high price in the market, which is why the customers are not left with many choices. However, if you get to put forth a great set to offer as options in a proposal or even as no- extra charge extension when you are negotiating a contract and face discount pressure. And, one such option is webcast. By providing this service for a group of employees that are impacted by the initiative that you're working on, will further add weightage to your initiatives. You can also introduce a free limited period subscription to the potentials that will make them valued users in the long run.

Refocus on your live performance

People love a great in-person experience but that doesn’t mean we ignore how the growing sales in streaming services are marking the game for themselves. As an expert in your field, your greatest value is not writing a memo but rather having a vibrant, engaging, and provocative conversation with a client be it in-person or over online modes of conversation like video conferencing. Top executives want to have perspective-shaping conversations, as now no one has to read long reports but prefer watching a minute-long video that filters the unnecessary things.

Remember that the more value you create, the more valuable you will become. In summary, you can add lots of value to your clients without breaking the bank or your back for that matter. The key is to understand what's really important to them and providing the same.



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