Is webcasting still a future?

Published On : 24 February 2020

Earlier there was no provision to record and stream two-way video. Before webinars, hangouts and facetime one could only connect with one-way streaming and recorded video. Streaming and webcasting were no less than an innovation in the early days of the internet. However, it was no sooner that it became the need of the hour but with the consistent rise of modern media and webinar, it seems this is the future of webinar.

One of the reasons why we say the future of webcasting is already here because all the ways and means to improve webcasting or the virtual format are already available. All that you need to do is register the attendees of your webcast online and enable them to interact with you; ask questions or comment on your session to develop a live engagement across all the social media platforms. This greatly helps in enhancing your viewers’ experience. It is very important for you to incorporate these features into your webcast.

  • Set a goal, how many on-sites are you aiming to target and the number of audiences do you intend to reach. These factors will help you in determining the location that you need to pick for the event as well as the webcast provider.
  • Ensure you have a PowerPoint presentation in place for the presenter as it helps the attendees both; in-person and online. Make a short and to-the-point presentation to make sure your attendees pay attention to the resenter and not just read the screens.
  • Wisely choose a webcasting provider and the team and schedule it well in advance for the event to avoid any last-minute hassles. Discuss and check lighting and audio set-up before the event. Set-up an online registration page for the online portion of the event. Look if the can provide handouts or slides to the audience online and promote the same on the day to the event.
  • Introduce the webcasting team to the point of contact on the event site to ensure no-interruption in internet, electricity, sound and other such requirements during the event.
  • Develop a microphone set-up for the attendees who are attending the event in person. This will enable them to ask questions and doubts clearly and loudly so that the presenter and the other audience can hear it without any disturbance.

While there are numerous miscellaneous details to be considered when delivering a live event online. However, hiring a professional webcasting service provider will greatly help you smoothen the process and by handling every bit of your event such as capturing and broadcasting of the event.



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