Postponing your business event? Try virtual event instead.

Published On : 16 March 2020

‘Time & tide wait for none.’
This proverb indicates the great value of time and also motivates everyone to keep going even if the situation is not in your control or don’t work in your favour.

Recently, irrespective of where you are geographically based out, the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been baleful and is greatly affecting your lives. Several countries have enforced lockdowns and travel bans to tackle the situation and promote health safety. The shutdown has led to the cancellation of numerous events which has affected many businesses and resulted in a slowdown of the economy.

There are many companies struggling to cope with the way to work while some others have already adopted work-from-home, conferencing, or transforming the physical events into digital ones. As all that matters in the business world is staying connected and productive, regardless of travel limitations.

Thankfully, technological advancement in today’s world facilitates working remotely unlike a decade ago. Technology has progressed in such a way that it is now a significant part of our day to day lives. The spread of coronavirus has accelerated the use of technology as companies have started responding faster by its means and are not only working without disruption but also maintaining the health and safety of employees. Concepts like work-from-home, video conferencing, and unified communications are more than welcome now.

Events - Go digital, not physical

While there is no denying that nothing beats the importance of face-to-face meetings but with the countries, lockdown and the risk of mingling with others from all around the world when travelling only add to the spread of epidemics. Therefore, planning real-life events is alarming and risky. But, the show must go on, isn’t it?

This is where you can transform your business into digital events without any geographic limitation. You can conduct a seminar or a conference whatever you want and reach your audience at any point in time; morning, day or a whole week without any disturbance and proceed with your plans further. Communicate from the comforts of your home or office.

For both corporate and internal events such as conferences or town halls, you can unite all your global audience together on a single platform by sharing your presentation and ideas.
While for commercial use, you can opt for a webinar or online demo sessions and virtual events that will help you gain new customers, traction and visibility. It acts as a great opportunity to attract new registrants and generate more leads. You can further monetize your event by providing custom access to the people who paid.

Everything goes as planned

The best way to reach your audience from ‘one to many’ is broadcasting on the web i.e. webcast. You can simply reach millions of people wherever they are in the world with mere clicks. You can work for achieving your goals as planned and execute them confidently without any hindrance as both you and your audience can be there at the same time.

And this is not all, you can make these events engaging and interactive by asking your audience to participate. They can simply write comments, ask questions, take polls or even share screens they want to present.

Thus, if you planning to postpone your business event due to coronavirus, you should think again because time and tide stop for none and so does the business. All you have to do is, go digital way!



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