Ultimate Guide On How To Put-On Best Virtual Townhall Meeting/Event

Published On : 19 April 2021

Town halls or All-hands: Whatever you name them, but these sessions are held regularly but online is a different game. Gathering everybody in the team at the same instance virtually is an eminent way to keep everybody up to speed on the company's new trends, significant successes, missing opportunities, and other big-picture updates. It may also improve the organizational culture, especially among scattered teams that may not have many opportunities to meet in person. April being the seasonal (maybe even official) month of Town Halls and AGM, we thought it's time for us to share an insightful brief to help you with putting on an outstanding Virtual Meet. So, without further ado, here's the ultimate guide.

Start With An Icebreaker

Want to grab everyone's attention from the time you go LIVE on the Town Hall?
Starting with a question is a great way to create an interactive mindset with your audience. Grab their attention right away, start your town hall with a short icebreaker activity. Icebreakers help loosen up everybody while also getting your employees to bond with their colleagues. Not just in the beginning, but you can keep on jaunting their attention and increase interaction by using queries and polls throughout the session.
Easy Way: Choose a question that is a bit tough to answer; this will get your viewers thinking, and be patient, waiting for the responses.
Interesting Way: Make the session more exciting by asking about their activities or something that is on their mind, like their next vacation or for more work-related questions, ask what's the one task they handled that made them feel proud. Pro tip: Use the chat feature on the Virtual events platform to avoid chaos.

Follow 60:40 Ratio

Experts say, “More interactive and produce better results.”
Keeping your presentation concise and your interaction more will make your audience feel more involved. The golden rule of the town hall is to have a 40% presentation with data and 60% regular intercommunication with the audience. Consider the town hall meeting to be an experience, a debate, a talent show, a dialogue, and a brainstorming session. An engaging town hall will make it more beneficial for everyone, and many of the following tips include ways to maintain this ratio.
Pro tip: Many Virtual events management companies in India also have interactive features other than screen share. Check It For Yourself!

More Than Just A Town Hall

Increase the time limit and incorporate breakout sessions. Work on company-wide projects or combine aspects of interactive gaming. If you give out points or unexpected prizes for participation, you might get more people involved the next time around. Enable the listeners to hear personal tales about the topics you're debating. Real-world scenarios encourage active thinking and emphasize the topic's relevance to the organization.

Make It Easy For Everyone

Digital conventions and meetings are not something that all corporations are skilled at. So, if you plan on hosting a virtual town hall; better to make it easier for everyone assembling remotely. The activities are carried from the planning stage to the implementation stage by interactive and engaging virtual meeting platforms. Select the best option from a web conferencing platform to virtual events service provider near you.
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If you haven't ever arranged to host the next town hall meeting online, now is the time to do so. Through organizing interactive town halls on the best online conferencing sites, you can connect with your staff all around the world.



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