5 Expert Tips on Hosting Virtual Town Hall

Published On : 12 April 2021

With multiple cancellations of events & activities from fests to conventions in current times, many organisers are left with no other choice but to seek help from Virtual Events Platforms & Service Providers to take their events online via Virtual Events Management. However, are they capable enough to handle crucial meetings like Town Halls or all-hands that are essential yet confidential?

In this write-up, we gathered the best suggestions on hosting a virtual town hall meeting:

What Are Virtual Town Hall Meetings?

As more businesses adopt permanent remote work policies or establish satellite offices, a virtual town hall is a perfect way to get people on the same page and ensure they are united even though they work in separate places. They are just a chunk of the full roster of virtual events. These meetings are usually online company-wide experiences where leadership alerts staff on big-picture news keeps everyone updated and in touch with the organisation's agenda and priorities. When done right, virtual town hall meetings cultivate a sense of belonging while still growing faith and belief in the organisation.
They can be identified as large-scale broadcasting events where a limited number of speakers reach out to a large audience. If that sounds intimidating, consider rephrasing them as a super-sized webcast. What super-sized entails depends depending on the company organising the event. However, if the webcast is accessible to the whole city and partners, it is most likely a town hall.

So let's look at few tips to make your next virtual town hall successful:

Prior to The Town Hall Meeting

1. Plan Your Town Hall Meeting Agenda In Advance

No matter your town hall's specifics, be sure to use the event to impart information, help your stakeholders feel more engaged, and celebrate achievements. Celebrating achievements, primarily if the town hall event is also being held to discuss challenges, can be particularly important.

2. Choose A Virtual Events Service Provider For Your Event

Look for a virtual town hall meeting service provider to support multiple users while simultaneously providing seamless, high-quality video on various devices. You'll want to make sure that everyone has positive audio, video, and connectivity experience.

3. Keep Your Tech Under Check

You can willingly overlook the technical difficulties if you were looking for the quickest ways to derail a virtual town hall meeting. Not knowing how to use various video conferencing features before you initiate a conference can be problematic. Also, ensure that your camera and audio are running correctly, that you understand how to screen share, and that you have enough space to host or enter the video call. Consider doing a short dry run of the conference ahead of time by contacting a few staff before the town hall launch to test the video and audio content.

During The Town Hall Meeting

1. Make It Engaging

Town halls can be daunting, but keeping attendees focused and involved should be your top priority. There are several ways to do this, such as changing the speakers and providing convincing visual information, but interactivity is one of the most potent methods. And in a one-to-many interactive town hall meeting, use features that will make the audience feel included.

2. Breaks Are Necessary Even In Virtual Events

Before you snarl over the thought of giving breaks, you need to understand that they aren't just kind to your attendees; they're kind to the organiser. With short breaks, the attendees don't have to miss any key content to refresh themselves, and they help/ allow everyone stays more focused.

If you're already on to organising a virtual town hall, we hope these tips help you make things better. If you're holding a virtual town hall meeting for the first time, let us help you arrange an exciting adventure that won't require you to leave your desk. Organise virtual town hall meetings with 24 Frames Digital; we are indeed the best virtual events management companies in India.



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