Top Innovative Ideas To Make Your Virtual Events More Exciting

Published On : 23 March 2021

Did You Know?

93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward.

As the world grapples with new standards, virtual events have grown in popularity. Fortunately, advancements in event technology have made it possible to host one-of-a-kind online experiences tailored to your objectives and event strategy. There are many advantages to hosting online events and plenty of virtual event ideas to inspire you, whether you're planning a virtual conference or an internal sales kick-off.
Effective virtual town hall meetings enable employees to hear directly from leaders about how their roles contribute to its success. These discussions also foster a sense of belonging, representing an excellent context for company priorities and focus areas. However, to keep them engaging, you need to use innovative ideas and make every session fun and exciting enough for viewers to participate.

In this 10 mins read, we cover the top entertaining concepts that will make your event an instant hit.

1. Virtual Talk Show

Invite your employees to take part in any long-running talk show at the conveniences of their #WorkFromHome Stations. You can also organise Game Shows that can be a fun virtual team building session that pits teams against each other over the internet.

2. Avoid Shut-ins by Moving the Gathering to a New Locale

Internet speed and imagination are the only limitations that can fuel virtual social ideas. When it comes to your potential meeting places, your team members can call from anywhere. Ask them to give you a tour of their home office and spend some time together outside of work. Show your colleague's new places by moving the meeting to the backyard or maybe call in from a favourite coffee shop.

3. Online Games Session

One of the most popular virtual social events in the world is Online Office Games that involve a series of games and quick stories. Icebreakers, trivia, and mini-competitions are all included in such activities. This virtual game will be authenticated by an online game console, an animated host, and an online buzzer, all of which can be easily made available by your virtual corporate event platform or service provider.

4. Social Connection

On an average basis, workers spend more than two hours a day on social media to unwind. What if you convert it into a unique session on-call. Knowing how to navigate different platforms is advantageous because social media is becoming a more powerful driver of customer service, brand awareness, and sales. Hence, this fun session is one of the most flexible virtual work social activities. Here, your remote workers will not only gain online social time, but they will also brush up on their social media skills. Make them share their social activities on call instead of posting them on social media.

For Example:

What if People Behave As They Do On Social Media In Real-Life?

  • Dinner dates: Ask for drool-worthy meal photos, whether homemade or takeout. Kitchen Mishaps can also be fun to watch.
  • Throwbacks: Invite your teammates to share an old photo with the team with a side note saying, "Questionable fashion choices and embarrassing photos will be encouraged!"
  • Tag your teammate: Post pictures of well-known groups like Cartoon characters or famous film cast, and edit their photos with your team members in them. Ask group members to tag each character with a corresponding teammate.

5. Arrange a Virtual Photo Booth

Photo booth elements can be easily incorporated into any virtual event using browser-based tools. Branded graphic overlays, filters, and green screen backgrounds are simple to use with fully personalised experiences. Shoot stills, animated gifs, looping funny snippets or other photos, and encourage your guests to share their favourites on social media. Some services also include analytic reporting to measure engagement and shares from your event.

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