Explained: 4 Types Of Virtual Event Ideas To Host And More

Published On : 05 April 2021

Being cooped up indoors while they'd rather be out celebrating a warm summer event can be a depressing experience for certain people. But, being the techno buffs that we all are, have spontaneously stormed the internet to bring joy to the world– whether it be by singers, musicians, actors, or live-action performances. It's time for you, as an event planner, to go interactive for your online activities.

Of course, there are highly successful interactive text-based QnA events such as AMAs (Ask Me Anything) on social media. Still, the virtual events that are replacing on-ground events today tend to focus on video-based speaker platforms. In general, there are many ways to conduct an online event, that too, in various forms. Hence, before getting into the business of producing content, recruiting speakers, and promoting your virtual event, it's crucial to know what kind of online/virtual event is best suited for you.

But, before addressing that question, you need to get familiar with the reasons why everyone should opt for virtual events not just for the #WorkFromHome season but rather in perpetuum.

  1. Sustainability -
    Online or Virtual Events are incredibly sustainable as they save a fair amount of your money, efforts, time, convenience and other valuable resources. For now, this may seem least important; however, in the long run, it is imperative to make such mindful steps to have a significant impact on environmental development and avoiding waste that comes from physical events.
  2. Profitability -
    Hosting a virtual event saves huge bucks with its high ROI chances and so much more affordable than its expensive counterparts.
  3. Scalability -
    Just as a heads up, organising an online event may seem easy at first but will require a great deal of patience and a hyper level of micromanagement. However, it is easier to manage than the physical event due to the level of pre-execution preventives that makes you ready for every challenge.

With that being said, let's move on to the categories that distinguish virtual events. If you are looking for other complex variations of Virtual events, the list involves Live Shows, Virtual Hybrid Event, Internal Training, E-Learning/ Tutorials, Performances & Podcasts.

While planning for a moreover basic set, there are generally 4 professional virtual event types to remember;

1. Webinars

Do you have anything important to convey to the international community?
Webinars are amongst the most basic virtual events and the easiest way to enter the world of virtual events. It gives you the liberty to get speakers on board to address your audience to keep them engaged. You can either host a webinar on special occasions or create your very own virtual webinar series by posting weekly/ bi-weekly.

2. Live Streaming

Live Streams are watched by over a million people in real-time; hence you get an easy gateway to generate a massive audience through favourable online activity. The reason people tune into a livestream as opposed to watching it on demand is that they want to feel like they're living in the moment. Here, it is all about knowing your audience and maintaining user participation. It would be best if you build anticipation in advance through large scale event promotion and targeting the potential viewers who will not just come to your stream but stay longer than you anticipate.

3. Virtual Exhibitions / Fairs / Festivals

These used to be ambitious multi-day and multi-venue events like Expo, Fests, and more in the physical world. Such virtual events are still possible but are now definitely on a much smaller scale. It creates a durable online record and expands the information presented at or generates interest better than the physical event. It offers the potential of getting your hands on more accurate data on user behaviour than the in-person experience. It is also flexible enough to provide a unique and highly personalised experience to the audience.

4. Online Summit / Virtual Conference

This extends the concept of a simple on-ground meet and greets by upgrading it into an online meet. It's time to embrace virtual life and start planning your virtual conferences. As it is a virtual event, you get to cover a lot of ground by changing your upcoming event to an online one with 24 Frames Digital.

We hope that you are now ready to take your virtual events online with this mini-guide for the world. Whether you are hosting a panel discussion, virtual conference, or exhibition, make sure that you follow the basic principles apply to evaluate your audience's needs and interests to give them what they want and an experience that makes them feel genuinely valued.



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