Back To The New Normal | Watch Out For These 4 Big Event Industry Trends

Published On : 04 May 2021

Pablo Picasso had once said, "Without great solitude, no serious work is possible." It feels like the new normal is teaching us the same lesson in its exasperating demeanour.

Since the global outbreak in the year 2020, the big talk of the town other than COVID19 was the great migration from physical to virtual. Event professionals have shown excellent calibre, resilience and strength as they've kept up with ever-changing regulations to keep venues safe. Thousands of events firms have shut down, and organisers worldwide must rethink how they fundamentally plan their activities. As vaccine campaigns gain traction across the world, festival organisers are starting to look forward with trepidation, speculating on what lies ahead. One thing is for sure; people still want to connect. Speaking of which in-person event industry could have another year as tumultuous as the one that has just ended.

Want To Know More?

Here are our top 5 picks from the list of predictions on what the industry can expect and the trends that you should be mindful of in the next half of 2021.

1. Health And Safety Comes First

The health protection policies implemented would be the primary criterion for participants to decide whether to attend the physical portion of a function.

You should add the following to obtain attendee trust:

  • Conducting standard protocol like ensuring constant sanitisation, use of masks, temperature check and Rapid Antigen Test at the entrance mandatory for all, etc.
  • Choosing large venues that allow for social distancing and promote touchless technology.
  • Allowing people to pre-select seats so that everyone sits in their assigned seats.
  • Providing COVID-special kits containing goggles, face guards, gloves, sanitisers, PPE kits, and colour-coded social distancing bands for recognition.
  • Installing an effective ventilation system for indoor sessions.
  • Following strict eating periods and providing meals in seal packed and pre-checked containers.
  • Incorporate health and exercise breaks.

2. Need For More Flexibility

Success in the industry may not go to companies that organise the best events but to those who can react the fastest and show the most apparent thinking under pressure. Out of the things and skills that we are learning due to the quarantine, the most important one has to be solid risk management and planning because it is this robust contingency that will help us plan out the future and be wise to consider in the testing times. Social distancing comes with a one-way flow and strict capacity limits; however, to ensure safety, the need to have sound backup plans to adapt to any changes with proper restrictions and abiding by the rules of this lockdown situation.
A better and flexible approach towards the events will save you from panic moments and loss as the future is sure to be crated with complications and last-minute impediments. By being future-ready, you prove to your clients that you have the potential and readiness to react to setbacks with alternative arrangements.

3. Data Privacy and Security

As virtual activities have made it much easier to monitor attendee acts and behaviour, opening up new opportunities for promoters and raising concerns about attendee privacy. Data is becoming more critical than ever; however, customers are becoming more hesitant to share their personal information. Furthermore, with such a massive volume of data available, there is still the possibility of hacks and data breaches. The responsibility is your hands to be transparent as a brand and to ensure you only collect data is required, so you must follow these practices;

  • Be transparent:
    Always disclose your privacy policy to your attendees and let them know how you plan to use their data.
  • Understand the regulations around data:
    Advice your tech team to understand different techniques and see what can cause a data breach.
  • Avoid breach at all costs:
    Invest in cybersecurity insurance and pick a virtual event platform that is GDPR compliant.

4. Sustainability at the Heart of Every Event Plan

The online events market is currently gaining traction similarly; flexibility and sustainability are earning their fair share of momentum. We are more conscious than ever before of our effect on the planet around us. Attendees would choose activities that consider the climate, which involves eco-friendly programmes. It would not be enough to take simple measures; instead, you must keep sustainability at the forefront of event planning and construction.



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