Virtual Events

When you can’t conduct a physical event, Virtual Events come to your rescue. A virtual event can be a webcast, a conference, a live stream, or any type of event that takes place online. However, virtual events are very different from regular video-based online communication, as they are more experience-driven.

The keyword for Virtual Event is synonymous to providing the actual event feeling or experience to all its viewers and attendees, but virtually. Right from the venue to virtual event to stage/ platform, the entire look and feel of the event is creatively designed to enable the actual event like experience online.

Live Internet Webcast

Live streaming gives you the power to reach the world in real time. You could be performing live at an event or communicating your brand message. All you need is an internet connection to reach your audience in any corner of the world.

We at 24 Frames Digital, encourage you to tell stories. While we ensure that your voice reaches the world by making the best use of advanced technology and customized features like security, chatbots, branding, and online polls.

Our services include live streaming for Promotions, Multilocation CMEs, Townhall meetings, and Product Launches.

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Live Intranet Webcast

Intranet streaming is the best tool to enhance internal communication within an organization. Many conglomerates and megacorps streamline their internal communication with the intranet network for instant reach.

Being a leading live streaming service provider, we make it easy for you to reach and engage with your workforce by customizing the precise webcast solution that matches your extensive LAN, WAN, and VPN networks without any interruptions.

We'll help you cover Live Webinars, Monthly/ Quarterly/ Annual CEO-Employee interaction, Annual Events, Townhall meetings, Rewards and Recognition Programs, etc. in a cost-effective manner.

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Video Conferencing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about video? It greatly impacts corporate communications. Video conferences play a vital role in helping companies to have a real time face to face interactive experience. Additionally, it also saves a lot of time, resources, and travel costs.

24 Frames Digital delivers everything that's important and necessary for your company. Our team of expert professionals is equipped with the latest tools and technology to give you a seamless experience. Our high standards of security ensure your conferences remain confidential.

The service can be used for Corporate Meetings and Townhalls.

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Event Management

If you're planning a grand event, we'll make it happen! We as an event streaming company are the sole stop for all your event management and webcasting needs in corporate space. Our diverse management portfolio ranges from managing product launches to townhalls.

Our robust services and swift assistance helps you have a flawless experience. Keeping in mind the ever-changing dynamics of your business we deliver solutions that cater your requirements.

We've created a benchmark in organizing events in corporate, entertainment and finance space.

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Webcast Consultancy

When in doubt, ask the experts. We're happy to help you stream. Our professional team of experts ensure you experience nothing but the best. Our consulting services benefit you to drive better performance and more productivity.

Our comprehensive guidance in streaming includes infrastructure and technology with the implementation of the latest tools and techniques.

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Video On Demand

While some may miss out on watching your event live, but they'd still want to watch the video of it. In order to ensure there is no missing out for anyone, we offer Video On Demand service; a replay of the old webcast for the audience to view later.

We take care of the shooting, hosting, encoding and streaming the video on demand. It promotes effortless and easy content distribution in an economical way. Additionally, we give you complete control on streaming and flexibility to access on multiple devices at different speeds.

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360-degree videos & VR

360-Degree VR Filming is the next big thing in the world of video streaming. Being a leading webcast solution provider, 24 Frames Digital makes is in the forefront of this technological innovation.

360-Degree Live Streaming gives you a panoramic view of the event. An experience like never before, just so you feel like being present at the event despite being away a thousand miles. Presently, its unmatched ability tops any other live video streaming options available.

Our unparalleled live and offline viewing experience will give you a 360-degree visual tour to the event. Useful across varied domains like entertainment, sports, security, etc, it works as a tactical tool to increase audience engagement online.

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Voting Pads / ARS

Customer engagement plays a key role in any business. Our Voting Pad service not only helps you engage with customers but also define their views and opinions. It acts as a stimulant to promote participation and discussions. Additionally, it also helps in tracking and accessing feedback on various issues and gives a broader spectrum to understand the market.

It is commonly used for effective internal communication, meetings, CMEs, workshops and training, interactive conferences and seminars, group decision support, and so on.

Aerial Live

Aerial videography has transformed the experience of outdoor events. Aerial shots of stage and audience have alleviated the level of live coverages. Simply controlling drones and RF wireless camera makes aerial shooting easy and mobile-friendly too.

Hire our professional drone service to capture the breathtaking video of your event. Our extensive experience in shooting and cutting edge technology is sure to give you an experience like never before.

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