What is Virtual Hybrid meeting and how to conduct it successfully

Published On : 08 July 2021

We use the word hybrid these days for many things in science, technology, and even arts. We travel in hybrid vehicles and, more lately, we've begun to work and meet in a hybrid fashion. Before we get bogged down in the many meanings of hybrid, let us first understand what hybrid meeting really means.

What are Virtual Hybrid Meetings?

Simply said, virtual hybrid events are a combination of live and virtual events. You take your live event, equipped with an audience as well as material, and add a virtual aspect to it. This allows you to have a one-on-one interaction with your audience regardless of their remote locations.

The emphasis of hybrid meetings is on smooth communication plus material exchange both in-person and remotely. The ultimate goal is to make hybrid meetings as simple and easy to use as in-person meetings. Hybrid events are ideal for courses that can be held both in-person and remotely. Global town halls, Trade shows, Sales kick-offs and Conferences are some great examples of hybrid event programmes.

Now that you have learned what a hybrid meeting is, let's take you on a quick tour that will help you to host it successfully.

1. To be careful with the choice of your location:

When putting up a hybrid event, location selection should be prioritised. As technology is so essential in hybrid events, you need to make sure the venue you pick is well-equipped. This entails selecting a location that can handle large volumes of data being transmitted in real-time. Of course, Wi-Fi should be available at the site to accommodate people who are remotely attending the event. Also, make sure to evaluate the room’s acoustics as you’ll be shooting and broadcasting sound.

2. To find out the audience mix:

It's critical to determine your audience's demographics and how many will come in person VS digitally. If required, survey your prospective audience to establish their degree of comfort with attending in person. Invite important groups to physically meet, such as local participants or teams where in-person cooperation and team development are vital. Begin with a lower in-person audience and a higher virtual audience to get a better understanding of the security and more customised services.

3. To encourage engagement, use social media:

Social Media is a vital tool for garnering more viewers when it comes to promoting the before and after-session of any event. However, it can also be used to encourage both sides of your audience to interact with one another.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Encourage your live guests to post a picture on social media with a virtual guest.
  • Connect your live guests to a virtual guest and ask them to share their favourite moment.
  • Ongoing sessions can be promoted on social media via images showcasing the main highlights.

4. To follow-up with both the attendees:

Thanking your participants after the event is a wise decision for any company. When arranging a virtual hybrid event, this crucial step should not be overlooked. We advise you to take things a step further by implementing a focused and planned follow-up strategy.

Here’s how; you've just given the guest an excellent educational experience and allowed them to engage with your brand genuinely. Now it’s time for you to follow up by sending thank you emails, post-event surveys and connecting with them personally. This is often the most helpful tool of the entire event.


During a hybrid meeting, there are several methods to give your audience a great interactive experience. These are, of course, only a handful of them. Small additions here and there can make a significant impact in promoting connectivity and engagement across both audiences.

Hybrid event's novelty and uncertainty can be a bit discouraging, but there is nothing you need to worry about if you are backed by proper guidance and robust assistance. If you think you need any help, contact a virtual event company to help you with your virtual event platform. They will assist you with the right tools and knowledge to host a seamless virtual hybrid event.



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