Common mistakes to avoid while organizing virtual event

Published On : 14 July 2021

The percentage of virtual events is overgrowing with each passing day. Since there is no need to bother about pleasantries like venue, approvals, refreshments, security, etc., many hosts assume that organising a virtual event is more convenient than in-person events. However, when it comes to keeping attendees involved all the way to the finish, hosting a virtual event online can be just as time-consuming and challenging.

To host a virtual event successfully, the key factor is getting the right audience for your brand and providing them with some exciting content. But today, instead of telling you what needs to be done right, we will point out some mistakes that need to be taken into account. Here we have listed some common mistakes which should be avoided;

1. Choosing the wrong virtual event platform:

The most common blunder an event planner can make is choosing a virtual event platform not compatible for them. You must evaluate several virtual platform providers and select the one that is best for your event's requirements. As virtual events are new to many event organisers, it is best to use all-in-one event management software that goes well with virtual event service providers. It will assist you in managing enrollment, advertising, and transactions in a single location.

2. Making things unnecessarily complicated:

Failing to consider your audience's technical competence is one of the most prevalent virtual event errors. Even though we live in the 21st century where we have high-tech machinery, that does not imply whether every attendance is technically proficient enough to use it. This puts the organisers in a tough situation as they have to make sure the event is as convenient as possible.

Our best advice to such a situation would be to avoid the guesswork of whether your target group is that well-versed with all the technological advances. Also, having fancy gadgets does not mean that you are an expert in all high-tech things.

You can avoid overcomplicating the situation by simply trying to understand your guests better. Before opting to put on a complex event that can turn away guests, ask yourself some questions:

  • How well do they handle technology?
  • Will they be okay with your out-of-the-box ideas for your virtual event? or
  • Are they aware of the latest jargon?

3. Ignoring rehearsals:

Keep in mind that Virtual Event Rehearsals matter. It is not negotiable as technical difficulties are bound to happen during the event. There can be many things that can cause complications during the main event, like; slow internet, noise disruptions, camera issues or other technical hiccups.

Take it from us; even virtual events companies with years of expertise behind them face unique variables for each event. Whether it is a live broadcast or a webinar, rehearsals need to be conducted prior to your event, that too at the event location and on the machine that will be equipped. Also, make sure all your devices are compliant enough to connect with each other.

4. Saying no to a virtual event management company:

In reality, virtual events are still in their early stages. Even though webinars have been around for a while, they aren't quite as popular as offline events. Therefore, the chances of you having all the expertise to put everything together are very low. There are many virtual event management companies in India that have the necessary skill set and the equipment that you need.

Working with the finest team takes you a step closer to success. And, if there is an opportunity to collaborate with individuals who have the resources you lack, don't take it for granted.


So the takeaway here is: avoid these unnecessary and extremely prevalent mistakes that people make while hosting a virtual event. Try avoiding these while you are planning and then see the whole dynamic of your event change. Another thing you must never forget is that connecting yourself with professionals prevents you from making easily avoidable virtual event errors.



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