3 Reasons why you need to hire an Event Management expert?

Published On : 8 July 2019

Who doesn't love doing things on their own? It's mainly because each of us at some point is struck with the general distrust of experts. You may have decided to do things on your own all the time; however, event management is not everyone's cup of tea. At this, you better take a back seat and let an event management companies handle everything. You might think that you know better - but while managing a full-fledged event - this often leads to a disaster.

Read ahead to know how the event management companies save your time, money and effort when they arrange your meetings, the menu, venue and seatings. Here's why you should never do an event on yourself if you lack experience.

Reason 1: Money Matters

The most common misconception about event management companies is that they cost you more than your budget. Many assume that since they have to pay the event management companies, they are spending more money. In reality, they are saving themselves from a considerable money loss instead.

During the planning process, the ideas will keep on changing, and so other items/ services will keep on adding up to the list that requires more bucks spent into specific segments. In such scenarios, most of us can't stick to the budget while organising events and overspend on the mart or pay hefty service charges. But, the vast experience in the field gives them a first-hand advantage when it comes to planning and execution. From selecting the venue to arranging for supplies, the event's team will use their contacts and hire the hand-picked and the top best service providers with substantial discounts. Not just that, they'll also keep a record of all the bills and make sure that everything gets handled within the budget (and will be stringently following it). In case of doubts, you get to review all the bills after the event and will release the payments accordingly.

On the other hand, they are also well aware of the loopholes, unlike the rest of us who generally hold 0% experience in planning an event. The added skill set of saving gives them the added benefit of eliminating all the weak spots which contribute to wasting your money. This skill of the event planners will come in handy to those who need guides concerning the bits where you don't have to drain your money in the event industry.

Reason 2: Time Savers

It is so challenging to be at your best while you are shuffling through every task and keep it going in harmony when you are planning a big event. Nothing goes right; does it? Well, it does seem simple when you have someone by your side to take care of all the ruckus for you. Hiring an event management company will not only save your time, but you'll be able to enjoy your event tension free.

Since your event planner knows the ins and outs along with the other happenings, you don't have to worry yourself with the unnecessary stress and dilemma. This means that you don't have to be bothered about the meetings with the hotel, caterers, transporters, suppliers, videographers, venue, event hosts, crew or A/V people. Just one intense strategy meeting right at the beginning of the planning process to keep no room for doubt at all.

Why the meeting you may ask? So, this meeting helps the event management company in understanding your needs better. That means you have a full proof plan with a saviour to save the day/night. Now count the hours you have on your hand when someone else takes care of the event hustling bustling.

Better Control during Emergency

It's the event planners job to coordinate with the on-site staff and make sure that everything gets done correctly. So when you are spending quality time with the guest, the event planner will monitor everything around the place to make sure things go according to your wishes and the satisfaction of your guests.

With an event manager by your side throughout the planning process, you get to relax knowing that you have a trustworthy person dedicated to resolving all kinds of event management problems. Plus, there is no need for you to worry about managing multiple groups of people, dealing with every minor quandary and decision making for every other thing. So instead of running around making sure everything is happening as it should, you’ll have your custom-made entourage handling it all for you undercover.

Take the further mentioned example for reference; you can hire the best service providers in the city and still run into some sort of disaster on the day of the event. Anything can go utterly wrong, and your function will turn out to be nothing less than a rat's nest. And you know why everything's a mess right now? You hadn't dealt with the service providers before. On the other side, the corporate event management companies are well prepared for such mishaps and have faced chaos on many occasions. They know the right language to communicate with service providers and make sure nothing is amiss on the big day. The event management companies always have their people on site to handle emergencies during the event because anything can go off.

Well, now you know why you should let the experts handle the complicated business. So the next time you have an event coming up, and you are done deciding about your event, leave the rest to professional event planners like us. Just drop us a line at info@24framesdigital.com



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