When you can’t conduct a physical event, Virtual Events come to your rescue. A virtual event can be a webcast, a conference, a live stream, or any type of event that takes place online. However, virtual events are very different from regular video-based online communication, as they are more experience-driven.

The keyword for Virtual Event is synonymous to providing the actual event feeling or experience to all its viewers and attendees, but virtually. Right from the venue to virtual event to stage/ platform, the entire look and feel of the event is creatively designed to enable the actual event like experience online.

In recent times, virtual event solutions have greatly evolved. You get complete access to bring top-tier speakers or presenters from different geographies on a single stage to address the audience while they are sitting at the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Event is incredibly powerful as it greatly allows you to increase the number of people who can attend. Remote attendees can join without any hassles from all around the world and enjoy an immersive event like experience.

24 Frames Digital’s virtual events platform helps organisations connect with global audiences by hosting various types of virtual events such as:

Rewards and
Recognition event



Product Launch



Job Fairs


Or any
other events

Our integrated Virtual solutions are easy to use and promotes creating a branded immersive modern digital experience for your attendees.

At 24 Frames Digital, we offer following exclusive features for a completely virtual event experience:

Creation of Virtual Event Venue

  • Lobby
  • Information/Help Desk
  • Exhibition/Partner Booths
  • Main Auditorium
  • Breakout Rooms

Customized Background Solutions

  • 3D Virtual Stage
  • Chroma Video Shoot Integration
  • Green Screen Assistance

Engagement Tools

  • Games With Leaderboard
  • Fastest Finger First Quiz with Leaderboard
  • Poll Services
  • Private Chat Rooms - Ask Your Questions Via Text, Feedbacks & Other LIVE Chat Assistance


Just like one size doesn’t fit all, each event is different from the other and comes with its own set of requirements. However, the key to providing a unique experience is only by creating customised virtual events solutions.

Our dedicated team of professionals helps you at each and every step of organising your virtual event which includes thinking, strategising, as well as executing. With our rich experience, we bring you tailored solutions that are best to suit your requirements.

Being the master of customised Virtual Solutions, we are committed to identify the needs and requirements that enable us to provide you with a unique event experience. We walk an extra mile by beating the odds and bring you the best solution that comprises impactful graphic design, engaging content, seamless UX/ UI, and robust technology.

Today, we are one of the top virtual solutions providers, as we meet the global demand for large-scale customised Virtual Event Platform integration.



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